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In his first full season behind the wheel, Trey Mitchell, 16 yr old from Wimberley, had the pole and looked like the dude to beat. A rookie mistake on lap 6 allowed Mel Krauss to take the lead and hold on for the first win of the season. Young gun, Kyle Sirrizotti, fighting mechanical problems held on for 2nd place and grandpa, Joe Jones came on strong for 3rd just beating 4th Trey Mitchell. James Lee, Michael Rhoads, and John Riley kept the field mixed up with some hard racing. With only 1 caution, the field constantly traded places producing an exciting racing.

Congradulations to Mel Krauss, this man goes out of his way to promote oval track racing in our area, and it doesn't matter which class you prefer, he promotes them all. Grandpa Krauss did a kick-tail job raising Mel and Milton; my prayers for a speedy recovery.

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i know i should have gone and i wish i had gone but my uncle really needed my help in houston

and we finished 14th 2 laps down with just a couple dings in it

after all it was just his first time at that track and i think he did pretty darn good for that fist time




and sorry if im getting a little off the subject

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Thanks for them kind words Bob & all.


Trey, Kyle, and John are excellent young men, and all are backed by wonderful families that are great for the sport we all love. I hope to be a positive influence on their lives as they certainly are on mine and my family. It sure is fun to race with these "Young Guns". After they whooped up on me last year it's about time I got some back!.


Your right I enjoy all classes of racing! Heck, night before last Kasey, my 3yr old, and I raced his hot wheels around the bed for about an hour or so! Just can't get enough!


You young guys looking to get into racing just need to get into it some way! It doesn't matter which track or class or touring series, JUST DO IT!


At my age these checkers are getting harder and harder to come by! :D


Thanks again,



P.S. MaryAnn, your not the only one that "LUVS RACING" count me in that fraternity too! :D

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