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2017 Technical Inspector


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While this decision was made a couple of months ago, we have been remiss in announcing that Mr. Aaron Ivory was selected as the Technical Inspector for the 2017 season at Texana Raceway Park. Mr. Ivory will be a tremendous asset to the TRP team with his years of experience as a machinist building engines, coupled with his knowledge of race settings. Aaron has been a driver, and also served as a crew member for several drivers.


Track operator Tony Blankenship stated "I've known Aaron for a number of years and having him serve as my Tech Inspector takes a great load off my shoulders. He knows the racing game and definitely knows motors and the other components subject to our rules for 2017. I have a great deal of confidence in Aaron because he knows the appropriate way to communicate with race teams, will apply the rules equally to everyone and will be fair with every single person".


Thank you Aaron Ivory for serving in this very critical assignment.



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