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Future of TALMS


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I wanted to take a moment and discuss the future of TALMS.


Although I did not publicly announce it, I set a personal date of January 1st to make a decision on the status of the 2017 season.


One of the things that I set out to do was give drivers with Sport Mods the opportunity to run more races at more tracks. During that time the racing community has been dealing with race tracks closing. That includes two of the original series tracks, Central Texas Speedway and CC Speedway.


With uncertainty of Central Texas Speedway and CC Speedway being in operation in 2017 has left the series with no asphalt tracks to race at. It is no secret that the number of dirt tracks in Texas greatly out number the pavement ones.


This has lead to the point of realization that it is not in the best interest of the series to run in 2017.


In the event that both CTS and CCS open back up, I will work with the management teams to host special Sport Mods events.


I am totally grateful and have been overwhelmed by the support that I have had from the drivers, teams, tracks and sponsors over this time frame.


This series has never been about me and there are just to many people who need more thanks than I can publicly give them.


I ask that all those who planned on supporting the series in 2017 please find a local short track to support. I wish you all nothing but success in all of your future racing endeavors.

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From where I stood .cody worked hard to make it as fair as possible ..the drivers seemed to get along never heard to much finger pointing .the cars show up .the drivers believed in the series ..the tracks they raced at kept bringing the class back ...... all in all cody cant hang his head down low .. with not knowing what track will open .one could see how tough it would be to lock sponsors and such in a future no one is sure will be there in 2017.... least he didn't hide and leave everyone wondering a decision that had to just tear him apart making ... . shows you the love and respect he has for all the racers and fans .and the racers and fans should give him the same ..



and rick I have not met a hater yet ..

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