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Zeb Wise begins with Clauson-Marshall Development at Tulsa Shootout


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Zeb Wise Begins with Clauson-Marshall Development at Tulsa Shootout


by Lonnie Wheatley


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (December 28, 2016) – The next phase of the Clauson-Marshall Development program gets going in a big way with Zeb Wise competing for the team in this week’s 32nd Annual Tulsa Shootout at the Tulsa Expo Raceway.


Wise will race under the Clauson-Marshall banner in both the Winged Outlaw and Non-Wing Outlaw divisions atop the 1/5-mile indoor clay oval. He will take on nearly 170 rivals in the Winged Outlaw ranks and more than 230 competitors in the Non-Wing Outlaw division.


The next stage of the Clauson-Marshall Development program was inevitable.


Bryan’s first love was always auto racing and there were few things he enjoyed more than sharing that love of the sport with others. He especially took great pride in being able to share his love, passion and experiences with the next generation of racer, be it an 8-year-old quarter midget driver, a 600 driver ready to take that next step up the rung on the racing ladder or a competitor racing side-by-side with him for the win. Bryan knew that if he could have an effect on the sport that might cause a driver, crew member and family to share that love and respect, it could have a greater impact on the sport as a whole.


Zeb Wise is a natural fit for this stage of the Clauson-Marshall Development program because he has come from the quarter midget venue which we see as much more than a driver training ground, but more importantly a place a kid can develop a love for the sport while enjoying the social aspects of friends and family time. Together we feel this creates a great balance between being a racer and more importantly a kid growing up in a great family environment.


“Bryan and I first noticed Zeb and his family at one of the Gasoline Alley Quarter Midget races we attended at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway a few years ago,” Tim Clauson explains. “What struck us was that amongst the sea of toters and haulers, there was a father and son working together out of a truck and a trailer and honestly it reminded us of ourselves 15 years earlier.”

Wise kept their attention.


“Over the past few years we have continued to keep an eye on Zeb as he has progressed from Quarter Midgets to The 600 program,” Clauson continues. “This past summer Zeb came and spent Indiana Sprint Week with us and when he left Bryan’s comment to me was ‘That is a kid we need to work with someday, he gets it.’ I am excited to have Zeb as the first driver in our Clauson – Marshall Development Program and we will make our debut at the Tulsa Shootout running the CMR Development Driven Performance 39.”


Wise is chomping at the bit for the opportunity with Clauson-Marshall Racing.


“Words can't describe how excited I am to be part of the Clauson - Marshall Development Program,” Wise says. “Bryan has always been a mentor towards me and it's kind of been a dream of mine to be like him when I grow up.” Wise goes on to say that, “To be the first Development driver is quite the accomplishment in my racing career, and is awesome to help start up this program. Just this past weekend I went to the PRI show with Tim Clauson and Richard Marshall. I realized the respect that everyone has for these two and it really amazed me. Again, I'm very excited to be driving the CMR Development Driven Performance #39 for Tim and Richard.”


Wise’s father Chad shares his son’s enthusiasm. “We as family were very excited when Tim called and wanted to meet. The drive to Indy was a long one knowing this is exactly what Zeb has said he has always wanted. Ever since Zeb meet Tim at the brickyard and the time he spent with Bryan, Zeb knew this is who he wanted to learn from. We are so excited to be associated with Tim, Richard, Tyler and everyone at CMR.”


Richard Marshall sees it as an ideal fit for the program as well.


“Zeb and his family embody what Tim, Bryan and myself shared as the early vision for this Team when we first began talking about doing something together,” Marshall explains. “While getting to spend time with him and his parents, I quickly gained respect for their passion for the sport as a Family and their humility and willingness to listen to Tim’s advice. Watching Zeb test in a midget for the first time made me a believer. His car control reminded me of a much more seasoned Midget driver. Zeb’s focus and work ethic complete the recipe we have been looking for. Having a front row seat to one of Bryan’s dreams coming true is quite surreal. I am excited to watch this young man develop, win races and show us what the next generation has to offer the sport we all love.”

Wise gets a warm welcome to the CMR family with this week’s Tulsa Shootout as the team plans to allow him to continue to develop, sharing its knowledge and experiences as he continues to work his way towards his goals in racing.

Clauson-Marshall Racing is proud to have Zeb and Chad introduce its Development program at this year’s Tulsa Shootout driving the CMR Development Driven Performance D1 39.

Clauson-Marshall Development plans for 2017 will be announced in the near future.

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