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SAS Technical Questions

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During the past couple of weeks, lots of questions have been posted on TSZ concerning technical procedures, rules and policies at San Antonio Speedway. To provide you with quick, accurate responses, please direct those types of questions to Terry Barden, General Manager at SAS. Here's his contact information:


Phone: 210-628-1499

Cell: 210-827-4524

E-Mail: terlinbarden@yahoo.com


If your questions are related to marketing or public relations, please contact me (Debbie Williams) as follows:


Phone: 210-648-7373

Cell: 210-685-0400

E-Mail: debwill@sanantoniospeedway.com


Terry will be calling SAS drivers this evening to verify registration information and status. If you're already a registered driver or plan to register for the 2005 season and you've not heard from Terry, please contact him by phone or e-mail using his information above.


Since your questions are important to us, we want to make sure we give you the correct answers as soon as possible. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

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