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SAS Minor Release

Heavy Duty

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The article reads:


Anyone with children ages 14-17 who plans to attend future events at San Antonio Speedway should pick up a blank release form at the pit gate. The form will need to be signed and notarized prior to the event, and it will be kept on file at the speedway office.



Will there be someone at the gate to notarize it since it is the first night of regular racing?



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During the past couple of weeks, lots of questions have been posted on TSZ concerning technical procedures, rules and policies at San Antonio Speedway. To provide you with quick, accurate responses, please direct those types of questions to Terry Barden, General Manager at SAS. Here's his contact information:


Phone: 210-628-1499

Cell: 210-827-4524

E-Mail: terlinbarden@yahoo.com

Heavy Duty,


Please give Terry Barden a call or send him an e-mail regarding your question. See contact info above.



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