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South Texas Speedway 2017

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Racers, Crew and fans,


I know that each of you are excited and eager to know what the future holds for 2017. What I can tell you is this.


1. There was a large balloon payment due on the property on December 31st. In order for us to keep the property we have had to refinance the facility. This was not a easy task and is taking additional funds from the owners. We believe we have now got this finished and are waiting on the paperwork to be finalized. I have been unable to commit to 2017 until this gets resolved.


2. We have had some issues with equipment. We currently do not have a working maintainer or water truck that belongs to STS. We are working on these issues.


3. We need clean clay for the track. The track is low and to have the shows we need we need clean clay. We also are working on this.


Once we have the above issues addressed we will announce our plans and schedules.


Thank you,


Ken Hobbs

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