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Asphalt car count in Texas right now.


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I want to put together a comprehensive list of every asphalt car in Texas currently that either raced in '16 or plans to race in '17 given the opportunity. This list can be used to show potential interested parties what the real outlook is for asphalt short track racing in Texas. This thread isn't for debate or conversation, just a list of cars. I'm going to work on going through CTS results from this season over the next few days and putting a list together. If anyone would like to adopt a class and make a list feel free to post it; just let us know you're working on it so there's no overlap. I've heard a few people talk about cars being built or planned; please post those as well.


Current Total - 49


Pro Latemodel


Pro Modified - 4


5 WD Racing

15 WD Racing

81 Christopher Hogan

# Bubba Menard


Asphalt Sport Modifieds




Street Stock


#49 Brian Schneider




Pro Sedans - 25

01 -- Tommy Goldman/Corpus Christi, TX

02 ® Bobby Sanford/Lampasas, TX

1 -- James Hogan/Spicewood, TX

2 -- Cody Limerick/Corpus Christi, TX

10 -- Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX

18 -- Lanny Young/Kingsland, TX

20 -- Sergio Hexsel/Garden Ridge, TX

22 -- "Ozzy" Osburn/San Antonio, TX

23 -- J.J. Osburn III/Converse, TX

25 -- Bob Sherland/San Antonio, TX

26 -- Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX

27 -- Bill LaBarge/Bryan, TX

28 -- Lisa Sandoval/Corpus Christi, TX

29 -- Johnny Guerra/Corpus Christi, TX

30 -- Randy Lee/Corpus Christi, TX

48 ® Dan Chapman/New Braunfels, TX

55 -- John Miesen/Marion, TX

59 -- Allan Garrido/Houston, TX

77 -- Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX

81 -- Cesar Garrido Jr/Katy, TX P

88 -- Scott Schuster/Portland, TX

91 ® Cesar Garrido Sr./Houston, TX

94t ® Trey Ware/San Antonio, TX

94d -- Rick Dawdy/San Antonio, TX

94e ® Eric Wilson/Austin, TX


Sport Compact 2


#TBD Brian Schneider car 1

#TBD Brian Schneider car 2


Lone Star Legacy Series - 16

1. 01 Allen Sampson

2. 10 Gabriel Fogg

3. 23 Alexis Sampson

4. 7 James Remore

5. 04 Dillon Sampson

6. 15 Colt Mize

7. 32 James Huff

8. 37 Jaida Simental

9. 63 Brad Harden

10. 51 Rocky Mize

11. 74 Tyler Barclay

12. 1 Del Harris

13. 48 Matt Yevcak

14. 8 Kit Leslie

15. 18 Josh Berendsen

16. 19 Michael Perz

Dwarf Cars - 1


12 - LSSZ TexasAggie13



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We haven't even touched on the biggest classes yet and are already at 46 cars; that is not a bad start! The TPS list is from their website of cars registered for '17 and the Lonestar Legacy list is their '16 Championship list; feel free to add to those lists too. I found the CTS Championship lists here but they are in a format I can't use; any ideas?

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Please allow me to say this. If someone thinking about leasing CTS is looking at this thread feel assured the support is there and the facility is nice. Car and fan count has steadily been improving in most classes over the years. Lots of good people are involved with this track.

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