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Flagman Position Filled


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After several interviews for the position of Flagman, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Kevin Sullivan has been selected to fill the position for 2017 at Texana Raceway Park. Mr. Sullivan brings years of experience to the role with his most recent experience in the position at South Texas Speedway. We feel very fortunate to have Mr. Sullivan in this role as he is level headed, knowledgeable, and has a great passion for dirt track racing. He will be a tremendous asset and will be a tremendous help in making Texana Raceway Park great again! With this announcement, we have filled the primary critical positions at TRP for 2017.


In addition, Debra Sullivan (Kevin's wife) has accepted the position to run the ticket booth for the 2017 season. Also as seasoned veteran, Mrs. Sullivan will be another great asset to the team!


We were holding on this announcement as it was important to us to first talk with Ken Hobbs. It is Mr. Sullivan's intent to work at both TRP and STS in 2017 and in the event we cross a weekend where both tracks are scheduled to race, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


As a side note, Mr. David Bruns will be our flagman for the grand opening night and Mr. Sullivan will likely be on hand and follow in to the full time role with the 2nd night of operation.


Please join us in welcoming Kevin and Debra Sullivan to the 2017 TRP team!

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