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IRG S+E and Street Racing Made Safe Announce Partnership

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IRG Sports + Entertainment and Street Racing Made Safe Announce Multi-Year Partnership

New agreement brings illegal street racing off the streets and into the tracks of IRGSE and the IHRA

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (December 8, 2016) - IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRGSE), a global leader in marketing and promoting of sports and live entertainment experiences, and Street Racing Made Safe (SRMS), a leading national promoter of street racing lifestyle style event announced a three-year partnership today which will see over 100 race-events from this fast growing segment of racing lifestyle programming. SRMS will bring their program to IRGSE-owned properties; Palm Beach International Raceway, Memphis International Raceway, Maryland International Raceway and Cordova International Raceway starting in 2017 and via IRGSE's ownership of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) sanctioning body will make SRMS events and racing available to IHRA sanctioned tracks at reduced rates delivering more positive bottom line financial benefit to IHRA member tracks.

"I've watched Street Racing Made Safe grow from a small local event to a major grass roots movement. Mario Ojito has done a tremendous job getting kids off the streets and on to the track," stated Mark Gold, owner of The Ticket Clinic. "As the founder of The Ticket Clinic, a law firm, obviously we make money representing people charged with racing tickets. But as a father, if SRMS saves just one life, I'd rather make nothing on those tickets. I've been to many of the events. They are fun, organized, well run and well attended. SRMS saves lives!"

SRMS is the only 501©3 non-profit organization to legally battle the unmet need of illegal street racing across the country. The organization hosts safe and organized roll racing events, which allows street racers to compete against each other in a safe and controlled environment. The race cars are the same you would see on the highway, at a red light or at your local car meet. SRMS gives street racing teams the opportunity to race without worrying about road conditions, crashing into public property, hitting innocent bystanders or being arrested by police officers. In addition, spectators can watch these races from the safety of the track stands with a music and lifestyle component complimentary to the audience's interests.

"Street Racing Made Safe is very excited about our partnership with IRGSE. SRMS was designed with a goal of eliminating street racing on public roads," stated Mario Ojito Jr., SRMS co-owner, founder and president. "This partnership helps spread this program across the nation, which allows us to potentially save thousands of people that die from illegal street racing every year. There are so many people who watch our Street Racing Made Safe Top 10 List web series and ask for our program to be brought to their area, now the IRGSE partnership helps us accomplish this."

"This partnership is a big win for the street racing community. We now have the chance to illustrate street racing and its community in a positive light," commented Christopher Harris, SRMS co-owner and vice president. "The perception is that street racers are misfits, but that is far from the truth. They are doctors, lawyers, teenagers, teachers and police offices. They just love to race, but never had a safe place to do it. SRMS provides the outlet and IRGSE just gave them a few more! Exciting times!"

The SRMS event has been a staple at the Palm Beach International Raceway facility for the last two years and is experiencing major success in curtailing illegal street racing. The new partnership will include the remaining properties with 36 events slated to run across the IRGSE facilities in 2017. The program will expand in 2018 and beyond to include running in conjunction with IHRA sanctioned events in the United States and Australia.

"We have witnessed the success of SRMS firsthand with their street racing lifestyle events held at Palm Beach International Raceway," stated Chris Lencheski, IRGSE vice chairman of the board and CEO. "What they have done with this program is incredible and we are happy to join with them in their campaign to bring Illegal Street racing off of the streets and into the safe environment of our professional racing facilities. The new partnership with SRMS is one of many new and exciting things we have happening within the IRGSE-owned properties and the IHRA for 2017 and beyond."

SRMS founder and president, Mario Ojito Jr. lost his best friend and his father in two separate motorcycle accidents. Because of the tragic loses, Mario wondered why there weren't any safe and legal outlets for street racers to race off of public streets. In 2011, Mario created Street Racing Made Safe and has expanded the events nationally to help bring racers off of the streets.

For more information about SRMS, please visit - http://www.streetracingmadesafe.com/ .

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