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Lone Star Legacy Series Social Media Policy:


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Effective as of December 4, 2016:


Lone Star Legacy Series Social Media Policy:


While the management of the Lone Star Legacy series recognizes and supports the First Amendment right of free speech, we also recognize that expressing oneself in public can produce consequences. We cannot stop people from posting negative content, but we can, and will, impose consequences if we believe that content is detrimental to the Lone Star Legacy series.


If we become aware of negative social media content regarding the Lone Star Legacy series, its officials, race teams, drivers, sponsors and fans made by registered Lone Star Legacy car owners, drivers, crew or those closely associated with a Lone Star Legacy team, we will take disciplinary action as the Lone Star Legacy management team deems appropriate.


Depending on the perceived severity of impact of the negative content, consequences range as follows below:

a) A reprimand
B) Loss of some, or all, past and/or future Lone Star Legacy championship points
c) Removal from one, or more, future Lone Star Legacy race events
d) Permanent removal from the Lone Star Legacy Series


We anticipate that this policy will never have to be enforced since the vast majority of our Lone Star Legacy family members are well aware of the impact negative social media can have on our sport. In addition, the Lone Star Legacy management team is readily accessible and willing to listen to concerns as long as it is done in private and in a positive manner.


James Huff, Lone Star Legacy Series Director

Nick Holt, Lone Star Legacy Race Director

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I have sat by quietly watching ....here is my take ...


FOR those who want to race a class or series where spending big money into the car wins races their are plenty of others you can join ..for those who want to race and bang their way through others to get the positions .for those who think the cars beating you have something you don't have .for those who don't want free advice on set ups that the founders and directors work hard to give each team everyone gets the same set ups as the other what a driver and team can do with them is another thing ..for those who want to try and cheat a little .for those who just cant be happy no matter what you race ..for those who think their driver cant do no wrong ..


Then as an outsider looking at this series . I have a thought . ITISNTACLASS FORU. ..if I was younger and wanted to join a series this would be the one tho maybe not a perfect system as there is no perfect system that could be built ..

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