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jasonyoungracing.com officially launches


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Posted Friday, April 5, 2005 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-April 5, 2005

Contact: Scott Robbins, 972.365.5680


After several weeks of development and planning the official web site for JBY Racing and Jason Young is unvieled to the world wide web.


The primary goal for the online hub is to allow racing fans an opportunity to get to know more about JBY Racing and the driver of the #27 car, Jason Young, in addition to serving an invaluable marketing role for the sponsors of JBY Racing.


The site will be aggressively promoted and constantly updated as to offer sponsors and race fans a constant source for news from JBY Racing and Jason Young, mass coverage, as well as a place to interact.


As in all facets of the JBY Racing Team, professionalism and quality is at center focus. With that attitude in mind JasonYoungRacing.com is a compilation of substance and flash with prominent sponsor placement and easy navigation without sacrificing impressive design and content management.


Features including the status of the #27 car, updated news, driver profile and sponsorship information allow visitors an opportunity to become a part of the team.


New features including a fan newsletter and an interactive message board are soon to follow, as they are currently in development.


Check back often to the site to keep updated with the happenings of the team or to learn interesting information about partnering with JBY Racing.

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