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Texas Pro Sedans - Official Entrys

C.C. Motor Speedway

Race # 1 - April 9, 2005


Car # ,Driver/Hometown,Car/Declared Engine CC


1..........Bryce Dishman/Devine, TX-Ford Mustang/2338


2..........Jack Dishman/Devine, TX-Ford Mustang/2338


7..........Jesse Sandoval/ Corpus Christi, TX-Ford Pinto/2338


8..........Pete Arce/Corpus Christi, TX-VW Rabbit PU/1780


14......r-Joshua Tuttle/San Antonio, TX-Chevrolet Cobalt/2000


15.....r-Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX-VW Rabbit/1825


19.....r-Lloyd Hart/San Antonio, TX-Honda CRX/1834/4Valve


20........Sergio Hexsel/San Antonio, TX-VW Rabbit/2042


22......r-Harry Osburn Jr/San Antonio, TX-Ford Mustang/2338


26.........Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX-Ford Mustang/2338


27.........Bill Labarge/Bryan, TX-BMW/2085


28......r-Lisa Avalos/Corpus Christi, TX-Ford Pinto/2030


29........Rico Guiterrez/Corpus Christi, TX-Ford Mustang/2338


30......r-Chip Harmon/Portland, TX-Ford Pinto/2338


33........Jamie Garner/San Antonio, TX-2005 VW Sedan/1860


38........Dave Parks/San Antonio, TX-Datsun 510/1800


48........Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX-VW Scirocco/1648


66........Ariel Arredondo/Corpus Christi, TX-Ford Probe/2338


70........Donnie Moore/ Hutto, TX-VW Scirocco/1710


71........Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX-VW Scirocco/1648


72........Candi Hogan/Cedar Park, TX-VW Sedan/1915


77........G.B. Carter/Harlingen, TX-VW Rabbit/1984


78........Harlon Hatcher/Converse, TX-VW Sedan/1641


r - eligible for 2005 TPS "Rookie Of The Year" Award

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Thank you for the kind words. We believe that this is the way a race should be run.

For the benefit of participants and spectators alike.


We hope a large crowd comes to C.C. Motor Speedway this Saturday in order for the Texas Pro Sedans to demonstrate their worth to CCMS management.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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Thx Neil.I guess you are the only organizer that is willing to give us an idea of what to expect from the event.Thank you very much and keep up the great work.

Mr. Upchurch makes special efforts, including bonus points for early entry, to encourage teams to register well in advance of TPS races. In racing circles, Mr. Upchurch is well known for his exceptional organizational ability. Must be all those years in the military. Or maybe his charming wife of over 50 years, Terry Upchurch, just keeps him on his toes!


However, weekly short tracks usually do not require weekly pre-registrations, so that sort of information is rarely known before a particular race night. Who shows up at the pit gate is who shows up. There is really no way to predict car count except based on historical records or giving it a good guess.


Many racing organizations are hesitant to predict the number of teams that will show up for a particular race. Either under-estimating or over-estimating a car count prior to the event tends to produce criticism from fans who either stayed away from an event because of the lack of pre-entries and later discovered that the actual car count was quite good, or, came to an event expecting a large count only to be disappointed by the number who actually showed up to race. It is rare, except in Mr. Upchurch's case, that a promoter will have enough data to make accurate predictions.


Nick Holt

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I can see where it might be a no win situation.If you tell the truth and say you are expecting only 13 entries for a late model race,you can expect the same number of spectators lol.Anyway,maybe we can talk the racers into posting their weekend plans on these forums a little more.I see some already do.You can probably see I am one of those fans that just can't get enough info,statistics,rumors,maybe-so's...... :) .

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