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Rio Grande Speedway Results 4/2/05

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Thunder (mini-stock)


17-Jon Howerton

99-Melanie Brandt

89-Charley Martinez

75-David O'Brien





1- Jim Heatherly

19-Alan Sweetin

34-Jim Hall

25-Ricky Long

98-Jamie Weatherford



Street Stock:


18-Alan Sweetin

17-David Dobbs

01-Bud Brandt

24-Chastity Pena



Limited Modified:


07-Adam Schach

57-Jensen Prey

38-Leroy Greek

93-Travid Brandt

12-David Marroquin

13-Glen Johnson Sr.

66-Chris Brandt

37-Brian Nunn

26-Mitchell Johnson

23-Jorge Rodriguez





55-Danny Brown

89-Steven Whitacker Jr.

07-Adam Schach

1-James Schach

17-Adan Arrambula

09-Brandon Blaylock

57-Dale Flannagan

99-Clay Huston

88-Hiram Alaniz

12-Rolando Rodriguez

104-Sam Galvan

98-TJ Huston (DQ)**

91-Bobby Maupin (DQ)**

** One side of the car had too long of a wheel base



Stock Go-Karts:


49-Aaron Jamison

00-Kasey Schach

93-Cody Gordon

K8-Mary Cox

11-Tori Korht

10-Hannah Korht

4-Devin Gonzalez



Open Go-Karts:


8-Leo Lopez

18-Billy Walker

21-AJ Solis

24-Brittany Vigneault

14-Patrick Braaten

00-Kevin Schach



3 1/2 Horse Karts:


46-Sean Braaten

21-Shanae Solis










Mike Braaten


Sales Manager


Pueblo Tires and Service


956-682-7800 office


956-682-6859 fax

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