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Who Will Win Contest winners for 4/2/05


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Matt Merrell is a 19-year old student at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi where he is a criminal justice major. He was born in Corpus Christi and lives in Portland with his parents. Graduated from Gregory Portland High in 2004. He's single.


In 2003 Matt raced in three Texas Dwarf Car Association (TDCA) events. He only did three to keep his rookie status intact.


In 2004 Matt won both TDCA Rookie of the Year and the TDCA Points Championship.


His first TAMS race was this past weekend at CCMS. He qualified 4th fastest and started on the pole due to the draw. He led from lap 20 to win in his first TAMS start.


I'm sure there's more to Matt's story, so anyone with more background info is welcome to share it.


I will check with Owen to see who was taking pictures. I think nearly all our "usual" photographers were at SAS for the USRA event.


Nick Holt

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