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Great Start


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After 2 rain outs,countless hours by everyone involved,and miles driven,( 850 by me alone ) we had a near perfect nite for a great start to a promising new year of racing at CC Speedway.The cars were fast and not too much damage other than the bad wreck at the start of the TAMS race.The local racers got to try their cars in a non points endurance race and can fix anything they were unhappy with before the points chase begins.I hope all the tracks had as much success in their opening nite and had as much fun as I did.I want to thank Doc. and Owen,for hosting such a grand event, Freddy and his rescue team,all the officials, the lap counters,Tom the announcer,T Bear the wrecker and motorized broom operator,the teck guys,all the racers and their families,the TAMS organazition, and anyone else who supported the event.Most especially the fans who control the success of any track.And most importantly , THE LORD who showed us who is really in control for giving us the oppourtunity to enjoy our passion.I wish good luck to all racers and all tracks on a great new year. THUMPER

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