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Discovery Channel at CCMS

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The Discovery Channel was not at CCMS last night.


The cameras you saw were from a private production company that is working on a potential reality series featuring a few TAMS teams that has yet to be marketed or sold to any network. Everything's still very much in the preliminary stages.


A pilot was shot earlier in this year at Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls with a TAMS team. The CCMS session was the follow-up shoot for the demo tape they will be presenting to a variety of networks.


I have been working closely with the producer for the past couple of months and will say that he was quite pleased with the footage they have obtained so far and has high hopes of selling the concept of a reality series featuring TAMS.


By the way, they caught the Lap One wreck involving Jimbo Myers from three different angles including one that shows the car coming right at the camera. Reminded me of those Nextel Cup shots taken from that camera mounted on the wall. Only this time the camera was mounted on a human being! Scary stuff, but a great shot.


It should be a month or two before we know anything further and I'll keep you posted.


Nick Holt

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Should've known not to listen to rumors! Sorry 'bout the confusion!


There are plenty of reality shows out there, but this actually seems like something worth watching! (maybe it's because it is something that interests me, and it hits home too...)

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