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SAS Practice


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I just returned from the track, and here are the drivers who showed up for this evening's practice session at San Antonio Speedway:


USRA Super Late Models

#03 - Travis Wieden

#04 - Cory Roper

#5 - Eddy Wallace

#6 - Bradley Riethmeyer

#7 - Tuffy Hudson

#8 - Brandon Bendele

#10 - Kirby Honeycutt

#11 - Tommy Grothues

#13 - T. Wade Welch

#19 - Kent Baltzell

#22 - Tommy Grimes

#23 - Larry Bendele

#28 - Jason Smith

#29 - Thad Felton

#33 - Robert Richardson

#41 - Chris Davidson

#52 - J. C. Umscheid

#96 - Greg Davidson

#99 - Casey Smith


USRA AllStar Trucks

?? - Craig Roper

#3 - Neal Rogers

#07 - Rusty Mirth

#8 - Jeff Rosenbeck

#21 - Keith Patrick

#22 - Shane Harris

#23 - Matt Howell

#26 - Jon Denham


SAS Sportsman

#15 - Tommy Casey

#21 - Robert Mayberry

#31 - Keith Garrett


It looks like we will have a really good Super Late Model car count.


Greg Davidson's (#96 SLM) right tire blew and he hit the wall hard. Most of the damage was behind the axle, and he's going to try to get it fixed before tomorrow night. Shane Harris (#22 Truck) hit the wall after a ball joint broke (lots of front end damage), and he probably won't return to race tomorrow. Tommy Casey (#15 SM) hit the wall, but he was able to return to the pits under his own power.

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The turnout for practice was good tonight. The weather looks like it is going to work with us this weekend. Any race fan that has had a case of cabin fever should head on out this weekend to SAS or CC for that matter. This will be the first race for the new USRA. The atmosphere in the pits after the practices have been real upbeat and positive. I think the Saturday show at SAS will be great. I can't wait

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