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Kenny and Whitehead take USNDTC prelim wins

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8th Annual US National Dirt Track Championships @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 9/9-10/16
By JM Hallas

Ft. Worth, TX.,(Sept. 9Th, 2016) As the local tracks points seasons come to an end, Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track hosted the 8th version of the US National Dirt Track Championships. This years event is highlighted by the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Series Red River Region race on Saturday night.

Included on the slate are the Limited Modifieds with over 80 drivers from across the mid-south signed in for battle on the 4/10 mile, semi-banked, dirt oval. Making another appearance are the Factory Stocks, a hybrid Street Stock on asphalt pull offs(slicks). A big field of 50 Factory Stocks, signed in making nearly 130 cars in action, along with ASCS Sprint Car practice.

The Limited Modifieds and Factory Stocks would qualify through heats, taking the top 16 in passing points to the nights A-qualifier. Then C and B-mains were run to fill the remaining spots in the A-qualifier that would lock in eight drivers for tomorrow nights big A-main, Championship races. In the Limited Modified it was tough to crack the starting line up, with B and C-mains having a couple past champions that failed to qualify.

Questions to be answered this weekend; Can Taylor Carver(Locksburg, Ark.) three-peat in Factory Stocks? In the spring it was Seth Bergman trying to win three in a row in the ASCS Sprint cars, but that bid fell short with Bergman only managing a top ten finish.

Answer; After losing a motor in the A-qualifier Carver will have his work cut out coming from the last chance races, then starting behind at least the top eight Friday night qualifiers.

Will the Limited Modified A-main finish be any closer than the spring race? That will take a lot more doing that Carver's attempt to three-peat. The margin of victory between Kevin Rowland and Nick Clinkenbeard in May was a mere .001(or 1/1,000th) of a second. That finish will be revisited throughout the weekend)

Answer; While we didn't get that close on Friday, Carver and Whitehead ran door to door to the line in their heat race with Carver edging Whitehead out by about a foot. There's always Saturday night.

Klean Sweep for Kenny in Limited Modified qualifying
Brandon Kenny(Woodward, Okla.) scored the sweep of Limited Modifieds on qualifying night for the US National Dirt Track Championships. Kenny got the win in the 15-lap qualifier along with the win in his heat race. Taking over the lead from Kale Westover in the qualifier at the one-third mark, Kenny then motored away from the field to grab the checkers.

As the 24-car field took the green it was Westover and Kenny side by side until turn 4 where Westover got the advantage. Jacob Pirkle snuck into second trailed by Kenny, Gabe Tucker and Robert Vetter. Dustin Robinson made a big run up top charging to sixth. Kenny got second from Pirkle on lap 1 while Robinson gave up spots to Kevin Simpson and Derick Grigsby.

Kenny got along side Westover on the back stretch and was able to get the bumper out front on lap 5 before securing the spot a lap later. Grigsby was able to get past Simpson for fifth with Robinson, JJ Jennings and Tracy Denby jr. fighting for the final transfer spot coming to halfway. Kenny was now easing away from Westover who had a gap back to Pirkle and Tucker, while Denby picked up another spot.

Pirkle had trouble off turn 2 losing positions to Grigsby, Vetter and Denby. As the laps wound down, Kenny had built a big lead with Pirkle, Robinson, Simpson and Chris Dawson now slugging it out for eighth. Kenny in the Boom Test Well Service, Mud Hogs, Roach Body Shop, Ramirez Race Cars easily took the victory. Pirkle edged out Simpson and Dawson for the final transfer spot.


Limited Modifieds(Top 8 locked in for Saturday)
21b Brandon Kenny, 44 Kale Westover, 7 Gabe Tucker, 69 Derick Grigsby, 15j Tracy Denby jr., v8 Robert Vetter, 10 Dustin Robinson, 141 Jacob Pirkle, 561 Kevin Simpson, 7x Chris Dawson, 86j Travis Johnson, 662 Nick Clinkenbeard, 14 Tim Frost, 174 Mickey Helms, 23m Jimmy Day, 26g JJ Jennings, 20d Rowdy Day, b17 Brandon Ball, 18c Tim Clonch, 63 Shane Hoefling, 84 Tom Lorenz, 8 Dennie Geiber, 662f Greg Frazer, 2z Zac Sydney

Limited Modified B-mains(Top 4 to A-qualifier)
Limited Modified B 1; 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 63 Shane Hoefling, 20d Rowdy Day, b17 Brandon Ball, 18m Wayne Melton, 26t Jeff Autry, 00 Tory Yant, 511 Cory Williams, 23n Steven Nanors, 99 Kasey, Kuykendall, 71 Jessie Hoskins, 31 Shane Hartline, 76 Jeff Rowland, 70 George Egbert III, 05 Nathan Pounds, 33$ Slade Roach, 4r Kevin Rowland, 20 Brent Tidwell, 175 Bo Beckner, 75m Cecil McCrary, 711 Scott Fincher, 78 Steve Graham, 118 Robby Crabtree, 2k Charlie Knight

Limited Modified B-main 2; 7x Chris Dawson, 18c Tim Clonch, 23m Jimmy Day, 662f Greg Frazer, 4p Cole Traugott, 90 Dustin Butcher, 28j Justin Nabors, 19 Clint Dossier, 15 Curtis Allen, 211 Chad Fitzgerald, 39 Don Reid, 33r Mike Roach, 47x JoJo Wilhelm, 30j Chad Jones, 13j James McCreery, 717 GW Egbert IV, 18x Dale Melton, 12* Bailey Dossier, 37h Garrett Higgins, 4f Trevor Foley, 23 Joel Garcia, 23r Bryan Root, 64 Devin Burgess, 117 Michael Maraschick

Limited Modified C-mains(Top 4 to B-qualifier)
Limited Modified C-main 1; 33$ Slade Roach, 71 Jessie Hoskins, 20 Brent Tidwell, 711 Scott Fincher, 29 Ross Malone, 25d David Tanner, 26b John Bonneau, 1, Tim Linares, 325 Robert Hall, 51Jimmy Henry, 25 Tyler Box---BF, 09 Jerry Renick---dns, 10t Greg Miller---dns, 0 Loni Richardson---dns

Limited Modified C-main 2; 717 GW Egbert, 12* Bailey Dossier, 4f Trevor Foley, 37h Garrett Higgins, 88 RJ Stroman, 4 Bo Day, 20x Ronnie Welborn, 1x Cullen Hill, 51w Thomas Walp, j2 Josh Short, 50 Brandon White, 25w Jimmie Wright, 75 Patrick McCoy, 11 Eric Lutrell---dns

Limited Modified heats(Top 16 in passing points to A-qualifier)
Heat 1; 44 Kale Westover, 7 Gabe Tucker, 18m Wayne Melton, 4p Cole Traugott, b17 Brandon Ball, 78 Steve Graham, 76 Jeff Rowland, 05 Nathan Pounds, 1 Tim Linares, 88 RJ Stroman, 11 Eric Lutrell---dns

Heat 2; 14 Tim Frost, 174 Mickey Helms, 69 Derick Grigsby, 26g JJ Jennings, 662f Greg Frazer, 26t Jeff Autry, 31 Shane Hartline, 39 Don Reid, 1x Cullen Hill, 717 GW Egbert IV, 20 Brent Tidwell, 75 Patrick McCoy

Heat 3; 141 Jacob Pirkle, 23m Jimmy Day, v8 Robert Vetter, 8 Dennie Geiber, 30 Chad Jones, 23 Joel Garcia, 71 Jesse Hoskins, 15 Curtis Allen, 4f Trevor Foley, 4 Bo Day, 51 Jeremy Henry, 325 Robert Hall

Heat 4; 18 Tim Clonch, 70 George Egbert III, 19 Clint Dossier, 20d Rowdy Day, 99 Kasey Kuykendall, 28j Justin Nabors, 4r Kevin Rowland, 5m Cecil McCrary, 33r Mike Roach, 29 Ross Malone II, d25 David Tanner, 37h Garrett Higgins

Heat 5; 15j Tracy Denby jr., 86j Travis Johnson, 84 Tom Lorenz, 662 Nick Clinkenbeard, 511 Cory Williams, 00 Tory Yant, 47x JoJo Wilhelm, 51w Thomas Walp, 12* Bailey Dossier, 25 Tyler Box, 20x Ronnie Welborn, j2 Josh Short

Heat 6; 2z Zac Sydney, 10 Dustin Robinson, 63 Shane Hoefling, 2k Charlie Knight, 90 Dustin Butcher, 23n Steve Nabors, 64 Devin Burgess, 117 Michael Maraschick, 50 Brandon White, 33$ Slade Roach, 09 Jerry Rennick, 10t Greg Miller

Heat 7; 21b Brandon Kenny, 211 Chad Fitzgerald, 561 Kevin Simpson, 7x Chris Dawson, 118 Robby Crabtree, 13j James McCreery, 18x Dale Melton, 23r Bryan Root, 711 Scott Fincher, 174 Bo Beckner, 25w Jimmie Wright, 0 Loni Richardson

Whitehead With the Win in Factory Stocks
In the spring race Justin Whitehead battled with Taylor Carver in the Friday qualifier until fading late in the race. It looked like it would again be Whitehead and Carver ,but this time it was Carver with problems handing the lead over to Whitehead. After taking over the top spot at halfway, Whitehead held off the Day's for the Factory Stock victory.

As the 24-car Factory Stock A-qualifier took the green Whitehead was pushing Jamey Lough past Carver on the front stretch. Whitehead got by Lough in turn 1 and came off turn 2 door to door with Carver. Coming back to the line on lap 1 it was Carver pursued by Whitehead, Lough, Jimmy Day and Jason Gore. Tim Clonch was looking in the middle of Bo Day and Gore for sixth.

Chance Morris brought out an early caution on lap 2 when his motor let go in a ball of flame. On the restart, Whitehead tried high on Carver with Clonch, Dennis Bissonette and Chris Davis three wide for seventh. Carver and Whitehead continued to slug it out for the lead with Whitehead better at one end, but Carver holding the lead on the other.

Behind the lead duo, it was J. Day challenging Lough for third. J. Day finally got the spot on lap 6. Gore tried to follow through the hole but after some contact with Lough, gave up fourth to B. Day. On lap 8 Carvers chance for a three-peat may have ended when he broke and spun in his own fluid in turn 1. Whitehead inherited the lead for the lap 9 restart.

Once back to green Davis got by Casey Lyles and was side by side with Gore for fifth. Davis got the spot and continued to march forward catching Lough for fourth. Clonch and Lyles were side by side for seventh holding a safe enough gap on Bobby Jordan and Jeff Hauser to not surrender a transfer spot.

As the white flag waved, Whitehead had a slight margin on the Day duo while Davis was working over Lough for fourth. At the checkers it was Whitehead in the Thompson Motorsports, Harolds Transmissions, Murphy & Son Timber, Henrys Auto Salvage, DRS Racing Shocks, Spencer & Son Timber, Superior Graphix, Best Engines, Outlaw Race Cars taking the win.

Factory Stocks(Top 8 locked in for Saturday night)
36 Justin Whitehead, 23m Jimmy Day, 4 Bo Day, 98 Chris Davis, 39 Jamey Lough, 721 Jason Gore, 27 Casey Lyles, 55c Tim Clonch, 10 Bobby Jordan, 85$ Dennis Bissonette, 18 Jeff Hauser,220 Nathan Sexton, 5 Tim Pounds, 8r Mark Ross, 17x Kelly Lockey, 7 Ricky Sessions, 17p Walter Hamilton, 40c Miranda Carver,340 Taylor Carver, 96 Trey Smitherman, 21b Kirk Martin, 66 David Bonham, 6 Chance Morris, 1r Dustin Robnett,

Factory Stock B-mains(Top 4 to A-qualifier)
Factory Stock B-main 1
10 Bobby Jordan, 21p Walter Hamilton, 8r Mark Ross, 17x Kelly Lockey, 85 James Thompson, 5* Bryon Fletcher, 70 Kenneth Chamberlain, 35b Scotty Nichols, 70k Royce Jones, 25 Michael Gaunet, 68 Wade White, 7b Bobby Morphis, $100 John Herring, 4d Danny Brown, 4d4 Blaine Simcik, 12 Taylor Stalder, 189 Justin McNeil

Factory Stock B-main 2
220 Nathan Sexton, 40 Miranda Carver, 18 Jeff Hauser, 1r Dustin Robinett, 15 Greg Andrews, 51 Reuben Broussard, 02x Brandon Sexton, 22b Tracy Baker, 4* Mandy Bowen, 20 Kadie Robinson, 03 Tommy Pounds, 02 Matthew Berry, 45k Ray Kemp, 55 Charlie Wilson---dns, j27 Scotty Case---dns

Factory Stock heats(Top 16 in passing points to A-qualifier)
Heat 1; 27 Casey Lyles, 5 Tim Pounds', 7 Rickey Sessions, 66 David Bonham, 98 Chris Davis, 70 Kenneth Chamberlain, 18 Jeff Hauser, 5* Bryon Fletcher, 22b Tracy Baker, $100 John Herring, 45k Ray Kemp, 4d4 Blaine Simcik, 68 Wade White

Heat 2; 39 Jamie Lough, 23m Jimmy Day, 27j Scotty Case, 96 Trey Smitherman, 85$ Dennis Bissonette, 40c Miranda Carver, 17x Kelly Lockey, 02b Brandon Sexton, 81t Jason Towner, 12 Taylor Stalder, 7b Bobby Morphis, 55 Charlie Wilson

Heat 3; 4 Bo Day, 6$ Chance Morris, 721 Jason Gore, 21p Walter Hamilton, 8r Mark Ross, 21b Kirk Martin, 02 Matthew Berry, 35b Scotty Nichols, 25 Michael Gaunet, 70k Royce Jones, 20 Kadie Robinson, 4d Danny Brown

Heat 4; 340 Taylor Carver, 36 Justin Whitehead, 220 Nathan Sexton, 10 Bobby Jordan, 55 Tim Clonch, 1r Dustin Robnett, 15 Greg Andrews, 85 James Thompson, 4* Mandy Bowen, 189 Justin McNeil, 03 Tommy Pounds, 51 Ruben Broussard

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