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Long Gone Houston Area Dirt Track "Almeda Speedway"


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in the late 60's & very early 70's, there was a little known dirt track located on the "old Almeda Hwy."(old-H-288) just south of I-610, right near of what is now the area where B.W.-8 crosses over old Almeda Rd. in fact the future construction of the then new B.W.-8 probably is what took the old track off of the Texas Racing Map.


"Pave Paradise, put up a parking lot, they don't know what they got till it's gone"


dose any body have any memories, stories, or photo's to share of that long forgotten little old dirt track in s/w Houston, Texas just a few miles south of the Astrodome area on old Almeda Hwy.? I'm thinking the local area racer, The Late & Great H.B. Baily may have turned many a lap at that old area speedway for sure !!! we use to go by there when we went down to Freeport or Surfside Beach in Brazoria County in the late 60's & early 70's.....


Just Asking....

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The track was built and owned by Cowboy Johnson, you must be new here because there are a lot of pictures from Almeda, I have videos up on Youtube as well, Google is your friend.


HB Bailey wasn't an Almeda guy, he was off running NASCAR and SCCA full time. Lots of other locals were out there however.


Here's a couple








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