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Cotton Bowl Speedway live updates 8-6-16


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153 Robert Scrivner
9(14t) Talon Minten
86 Dillon Tindell
55 Rusty Head
c3 Chris Birmingham
63 Shane Hoefling
14r Robby Minten
ok Thomas Bennett
21t Taylor Florio
10d Don Painter
777 James Hanusch
43 Jeremy Petty
r3w Rick Wolfe
17 Don Krahn
12 Duane Owens
03b Matthew Bennett
717 GW Egbert
9b Brandon Blaylock
v8 Dennis Handley
qwik1 Mike Wagner
661 Johnny Torres---dq(tech)
11t Tom Grothues---dq(tech)

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J Irwin Company IMCA Modifieds
707 PJ Egbert---last corner pass
1 Keith White
97j Jeff Hough
37b Don Banker
202 Scott Stubbs
63 Hardy Henderson
13g David Goode sr.
141Rob Sanderson
48r Raymond McSpadden
87d Dalton Knox
13 Jerry Frydrych
16 Carson Bednarz
4$ Kelif Sellier
44 Joe Spillman
81 Ryan Childress
31 Doyle Massa
1j James Cochran II
8g Greg Dinsmore
40 Neil Manchester
00 Jerry Marler---dns

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Shale Equipment Services IMCA Stock Cars
33c Charles Cosper
98 Peter Delevan
48 Duane Toyne
52 AJ Dancer
63 Andy Roller
77 Bill Siegman
14j Jay Simon II
43 Trent Miller
114 Joey Tschoerner
44z Zach Spillman
9 Jason Batt
01 Terry Tschoerner
01t Tracy Tschoerner-Hendrix
84x Eric Jones
489 Anthony Otken---dns
v18 Kenny Merritt---dns
4k Ken Plonsky---dns
117 Jerry Frydrych---dns

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Texas Land Restoration South Texas Late Model Series
52 Shane Hebert
56jr Colton Horner
15 Brian Stipe
40 Neil Manchester
717 GW Egbert
88s Brad Smith
9 Brandon Hightower
10-4 Brandon Brzozowski
31 Gary Lowe
18 Michael Wagner
37 Rusty Harmon
69 Greg Dinsmore
99 Nate Jantz
zz Sloppy Hogg
45 Brian Machicek
25a Al Boytis
82 Jarred Stepanski
97 Kevin Sitton
78 Eddy Hardage
12 Kody Hardage

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Johnny is contacting IMCA to get a clarification on the rule. it could effect many racers. Johnny and the tech has been a class act on this and does not want to take away from the great racing that we saw on Saturday.

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