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ASCS @ Cotton Bowl Speedway live updates 7-23-16


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IMCA Southern Sportmods
717 GW Egbert
11t Tom Grothues
cw3 Chris Birmingham
43g Gene Burnett
70 George Egbert
55 Rusty Head
21t Taylor Florio
5r Rusty Chambers
10d Don Painter
86 Dillon Tindall
25 Brandon Prewitt
551 Gerald Henderson
43 Jeremy Petty
19p Patrick White
6 Vince Louden
ok Thomas Bennett
07a Allen Williams---dns
12 Duane Owens---dns

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ASCS Gulf South Region Sprints
14 Channin Tankersley
88 Scottie McDonald
28 Tommy Bryant
57 Jacob Lucas
76 Zane Lawrence
15t Michael McNeil
6 Dustin Gates
66 JJ Simmons
51 Caleb Martin
36 John Pate
48 Cody Stacy
24 Brandi Jass
1 Randy Allen
17w Harli White
17 Ray Allen Kulhanek
11 Jerry Cox
02 Harry Yerrington

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