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15th Annual ASCS Gulf South Summer Nationals Tour @ HOT Spwy 7-22-16

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15th Annual ASCS Gulf South Summer Nationals Tour @ Heart o' Texas Speedway 7-22-16
By JM Hallas

Elm Mott, TX.,(July 22nd, 2016) The ASCS Gulf South Region kicks off it's 15th annual Summer Nationals tour with a Friday night stop at Elm Mott's Heart o' Texas Speedway, just north of Waco. With only six more races after tonight, the ASCS Gulf South points chase is shaping up between two former regional champs. Twenty-four drivers signed in for action on the high-banked, 1/4 mile, dirt oval.

Coming into the nights action it was Channin Tankersley holding a 90 point lead over Ray Allen Kulhanek, Tommy Bryant is third only 8 behind Kulhanek. Michael McNeil and Jacob Lucas round out the top five. Earlier this year at HOT's Gordon Wooley Classic, Tankersley took home the win, with Kulhanek third and Travis Rilat sandwiched in between, second.

The ASCS Gulf South Summer Nationals tour moves to Cotton Bowl Speedway Saturday for night 2 of action.

Also on the racing card were the IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sportmod, I-Stocks and Hobby Stocks, plus the Factory Stocks and Jr. Mini Stocks. The IMCA stocks, Factory Stocks and Jr. Mini Stock complete their mid-season championships with features only.

In track points, Kevin Green holds a slim 10-point edge over Justin Radcliff, with Eric Tomlinson third. Brother TJ Green heads the Southern Sportmod list by 9 over Jeff Sheppard and James Hanusch 71 back.

In the I-Stocks it's Eric Jones coming in 23 markers ahead of Ryan Powers and 30 up on Benji Kirkpatrick. Hobby Stocks are the closer with Jeremy Oliver only 5 points in front of Shannon Dulock and Hayden White third.

Rick Morosky leads the Factory Stocks points battle 8 ahead of Ryan Hopkins and 22 up on Michael Gaunet. The Jr. Mini Stocks battle is the tightest with Bradley Warren only 4 up on Colton Rawls with Raymond Allen Morgan third.

Tankersley Tallies in ASCS Gulf South Go
Points leader Channin Tankersley increased his ASCS Gulf South Region lead taking home the 25-lap A-main. The Highlands, Texas driver worked his way up from the sixth starting spot and took the lead from Dustin Gates just after halfway. Gates fell victim to the spinning car of Jr. Jenkins a lap later. Raven Culp took up the challenge next, but he looped it on lap 18. Jacob Lucas and Tommy Bryant then battled for the runner up spot as Tankersley eased away for the victory.

As the 19-car ASCS Gulf South main roared to life it was Culp diving into turn 1 first. Gates got a good run off the top of turn 2 but it was Culp at the line leading. Gates fell in line second with Ray Allen Kulhanek, Kevin Ramey behind and Tankersley side by side with Bryant. Bryant, Tankersley and Lucas then freight-trained Ramey.

Culp was getting away from Gates, Kulhanek and Bryant while Tankersley and Lucas swapped fifth. On lap 5 the top three in points were third, fourth and fifth. Gates began closing on Culp, who was now in traffic, while Tankersley got fourth from Bryant. Gates caught Culp and got by for the lead at halfway with Tankersley getting past Kulhanek in traffic and Lucas now the top five.

Lucas and Bryant then put Kulhanek back two more spots a lap later. Tankersley quickly ran down Gates and they were wheel to wheel on lap 14. Tankersley got the advantage on lap 15 as they continued to dice in traffic. Gates night came to an end after Jr. Jenkins went around and clipped Gates in turn 2.

Tankersley got a good jump on Culp as green waved again with Bryant and Lucas fighting for third. Culp over-rotated in turn 2 for a lap 18 caution putting him at the tail. On the restart Lucas tried to hang with Tankersley, but Tankersley motored away. Justin Melton and Chase Parson found turn 2 they're trouble also going around on lap 21.

Tankersley jumped ahead on green leaving Bryant and Lucas to settle for second. As those two continued to slug it out, Tankersley in the Watercraft Plus LLC, G3 Boats, Challenger Drilling Inc., Blackfoot Electric, Maxim Chassis drove away to the checkers.



ASCS Gulf South Sprints
14 Channin Tankersley, 28 Tommy Bryant, 57 Jacob Lucas, 17w Harli White, 51 Caleb Martin, 17 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 76 Zane Lawrence, 7m Kevin Ramey, 3 Raven Culp, 74e Claud Estes, 36 John Pate, 11x Justin Melton, 24 Brandi Jass, 48 Cody Stacy, 21 Michelle Melton, 157 Chase Parson, 6 Dustin Gates, 23 Jr Jenkins, 69 Larry Howery, 02x Brandon Long---dns

ASCS B-main(Top 6 to A-main)
74e Claud Estes, 21 Michelle Melton, 69 Larry Howery, 157 Chase Parson, 24 Brandi Jass, 48 Cody Stacy, 11 Jerry Cox, 02 Harry Yerrington---DNTG, 14l Michael Lang ---dns, 1 Randy Allen---dns

ASCS heats(top 14 in passing points to A-main, top 8 redraw)
Heat 1; 17 Ray Allen Kulhanek, 36 John Pate, 02x Brandon Long, 17w Harli White, 51 Caleb Martin, 23 Jr Jenkins, 24 Brandi Jass, 11 Jerry Cox

Heat 2; 6 Dustin Gates, 14 Channin Tankersley, 11x Justin Melton, 76 Zane Lawrence, 21 Michelle Melton, 74e Claud Estes jr., 157 Chase Parson, 48 Cody Stacy

Heat 3; 7m Kevin Ramey, 3 Raven Culp, 28 Tommy Bryant, 57 Jacob Lucas, 69 Larry Howery, 02 Harry Yerrington, 1 Randy Allen, 14l Michael Lang

Tomlinson Tops in Modified Main
Eric Tomlinson(Robinson) worked to the front from his sixth starting spot and tracked down race-long leader Raymond McSpadden in the closing stages. Tomlinson ran high off turn 2 to get past McSpadden on lap 14. From there Tomlinson in the BG Products, Craftmaster Powder Coating, Southwest Maintenance, raceontexas.com, Berta Built Bodies, Bob Harris Enterprises, Nate Mare Graphics, crate powered, BMS Chassis set sail to the win.

McSpadden beat Thomas Hall off turn 2 to get the lead as the 18-car IMCA Modified feature fired off. Hall secured second followed by Brandon Hood, Chad Estes and Tomlinson. Estes quickly took second from Hood and Hall leaving them three wide with Tomlinson for third who eventually took the spot.

Hood looped it in turn 4 for a lap 5 caution. On the restart the field stacked up in turn 4 coming to green sending points leader Kevin Green around. On the ensuing restart, Tomlinson got by Estes for second, with Dwayne Grantham and Johnny Sheets moving up to fourth and fifth.

In the pack there was plenty of three wide racing as Green and Justin Radcliff made their back up from restarting at the tail. Tomlinson then turned up the heat on McSpadden trying low coming to halfway. At the crossed flags it was McSpadden still hanging on, Tomlinson, Estes, Sheets and Grantham in the top five.

Josh McGaha, who started dead last cracked the top five getting around Grantham on lap 11. Up front Tomlinson was now up top and using the momentum off turn 2 to go past McSpadden for the lead. Estes was also able to get past McSpadden on lap 16 for second, but Tomlinson was well on his way to the win.

"It's taken a lot of patience out here this year", said Tomlinson. "I was able to take advantage on that one restart and get by for the lead. The Sprint cars usually clean the track off for us so racing with them here wasn't an issue.

"We tightened the car up some with all the rubber they laid down. It was a bit tight at first, but the track came to us later in the race."

IMCA Modifieds
45t Eric Tomlinson, 83 Chad Estes, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 96 Johnny Sheets, 911 Josh McGaha, 27g Dwayne Grantham, 8j Kevin Rutherford, 11j Justin Radcliff, 5 Kevin Green, 13g David Goode, 1b Brandon Hood, 20 Thomas Hall sr., 76 Cody Daniel, 1j James Cochran, 555 RiChard Shields, 9w Brian Walker, 13., Jerry Frydrych, 52 Ken Old, 7g David Goode jr.---dns

IMCA Modified heats
Heat 1; 48r Raymond McSpadden, 45t Eric Tomlinson, 1b Brandon Hood, 8j Kevin Rutherford, 83 Chad Estes, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 555 Richard Shields, 52 Ken Old, 76 Cody Daniels, 911 Josh McGaha

Heat 2; 20t Thomas Hall, 11j Justin Radcliff, 5 Kevin Green, 27g Dwayne Grantham, 96 Johnny Sheets, 9w Brian Walker, 13g David Goode sr., 1j James Cochran, 7g David Goode jr---dns

Tucker Tough in Sportmod Scrap
Gabe Tucker made the trip over from Carbon, Texas pay off taking home the hardware and payday in the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod feature. Tucker, who started mid-pack(10th) used a mid-race restart to get the lead from Garett Rawls. Sid Kiphen snagged second from Rawls but could never get any closer than six car lengths as Tucker scored the win.

Rawls got the top spot coming off turn 2 chased by James Guyton, Ronnie Bell, James Holder and Billy Gould. Devin Smith and Billy Joe Sheets had trouble in turn 4 while David Votaw rolled to a stop just off the track edge on the front straight for a quick caution.

On the restart Guyton tried to look under Rawls while Holder and Bell ran side by side with a three abreast scramble for fifth. Kiphen emerged from that fight and was now three wide with Bell and Holder before securing the spot. Tucker broke into to the top five on lap 4 taking the position from Bell.

Kiphen was able to finally get past Holder with Tucker filling the hole to grab fourth. Guyton now had Kiphen on his door while Steve Hayes made his way by Holder for fifth. As Kiphen caught Rawls, the leaders were in traffic. While trying to make a move on Rawls, Kiphen got hung by a lapped car giving Tucker the opening to take second.

Kiphen wasn't giving up the spot easy running back along side Tucker until a yellow for debris came on lap 10. On the restart it was Tucker inside Rawls for the lead while Jeff Sheppard, who started near the back, got past Hayes for fourth. Kiphen snagged second from Rawls on lap 12 bringing Sheppard along to third.

In the pack, points leader TJ Green was three wide with Guyton and Bell for sixth. Hayes was able to put Rawls back another spot on lap 14. Back up front Tucker was holding his margin on Kiphen, who was trying different lines. Tucker, in the Braka Operating, KSG, KSE powered, Hughes Racing Chassis held that margin to the checkers.

IMCA Southern Sportmods
195 Gabe Tucker, 58 Sid Kiphen, 17 Jeff Sheppard, 7x Steve Hayes, 4g Garett Rawls, 5 TJ Green, 21t Taylor Florio, 12 Brandon Geurin, 99 James Holder, 21 Chris Florio, 95 Ronnie Bell, 717 GW Egbert, G0 Billy Gould, 777 James Hanusch, 196 Billy Joe Sheets, 00g Devin Smith, 68 James Guyton, 22m Taylor Courtney, 9v David Votaw, 601Chris Cogburn-dns

IMCA SSM heats
Heat 1; 4g Garett Rawls, 68 James Guyton, G0 Billy Gould, 21t Taylor Florio, 21 Chris Florio, 7x Steve Hayes, 9v David Votaw, 00g Devin Smith, 196 Bobby Joe Sheets

Heat 2; 58 Sid Kiphen, 195 Gabe Tucker, 99 James Holder, 777 James Hanusch, 95 Ronnie Bell, 5 TJ Green, 22m Taylor Courtney, 12 Brandon Guerin

Smith Scores Stock Car Scramble
Dillon Smith(Hewitt) started from row three in the IMCA Stock Car feature and fought his way to the front. Smith capitalized on some early restarts to challenge early leader, Chad Estes. D. Smith ducked low coming off turn 2 to get past Estes for the lead on lap 6 then stretched out his advantage on Andy Roller and Eric Jones who were running door to door. Roller cleared Jones late, but D. Smith was well on his way to the checkers.

Fourteen cars started the I-Stock feature with Estes getting off turn 2 in the lead trailed by Kenny Merritt, and three wide for third between Ryan Powers, Jones and Roller. Tyler Muirhead brought out an early yellow when he found the infield tire in turn 2. On the restart, Jones used the top line to sail past Merritt and Powers with Roller on his tail.

D. Smith had just moved by Damon Hammond for fifth when Muirhead and Juston McCullough made contact sending Muirhead around again. As Estes took the green, Jones, Roller and D. Smith were three wide for second. Hammond went around in turn 2 and clipped Tristan Smith for a lap 3 caution.

D. Smith got a good run on Estes back under green giving him a little bumper love in turn 4. D. Smith kept the pressure on and ducked under Estes coming off turn 2, then beat him down the back stretch to get the lead on lap 6. Behind him Jones and Estes were now side by side with Benji Kirkpatrick, Roller and Powers three wide for fourth.

D. Smith increased his lead as Roller and Jones continued their battle, while Estes fell into the clutches of Kirkpatrick. Roller finally cleared Jones, But D. Smith in the Brazos Roofing, Wilson Chassis Co. Matco Tools, Nate Mare Wraps, Go Power Sports, Fisher Race Engines, Medieval Chassis was long gone on his way to the victory.

"Anytime you can pass Chad Estes and drive away from a field that talented makes you feel pretty good," replied Smith. "The Stock Car class is the best racing in Texas, we were 3 and 4 wide during the race. And when you get to do that kind of racing with your friends it makes it even better."

IMCA Stock Cars
03e Dillon Smith, 63 Andy Roller, 84x Eric Jones, 725 Benji Kirkpatrick, r12 Ryan Powers, 83 Chad Estes, 10x JP Dowell, 47 Juston McCullough, 22t Tyler Muirhead, 3x Travis Norman, 16 Damon Hammond, 18v Kenny Merritt, 711 Tristan Smith, 115 Jimmy Don Sumerour

IMCA Stock Car heats
Heat 1; 83 Chad Estes, 03e Dillon Smith, 22t Tyler Muirhead, 47 Justin McCullough, 84x Eric Jones, 711 Tristan Smith, 5 Brandon Taylor---dns

Heat 2; 725 Benji Kirkpatrick, r12 Ryan Powers, 83 Andy Roller, v18 Kenny Merritt, 16 Damon Hammond, 3x Travis Norman, 115 Jimmy Don Sumerour

Oliver Out Front In Hobby Stocks
With the straight up by points start for mid-season championship night it was Jeremy Oliver from the pole diving into turn 1 first. Shannon Dulock grabbed second with Wesley Warren, Hayden Wade and Joe Williams behind. Oliver pulled away early while Wade and Warren were door to door for third.

In the last half of the 15 lapper, Dulock using the high side, began reeling in Oliver who was committed to the bottom. Oliver was able to get off the bottom of turn 2 better, while Dulock closed back using the high side of turns 3-4. At the checkers it was Oliver(Chilton)taking the victory in the Note Cars, Ultimate PoolScapes of Waco, Cen-Tex Motor Sports, Rock Ready Printing and Design, G-Bass Power Glides, Team EQ, Gear Plus, Farmer Insurance Bryan Carter, Snider Roofing, Sassy Fringe, Fat Daddy's Design, Fisher Racing Engines, 2016 Wild Child Chassis.

"This will be my last year in IMCA Hobby stock." commented Oliver. " This car is for sale too. The car has 7 win in 9 starts. My special thanks this year go to my Mom and Dad, girl friend Kali Reedy, my kids Savannah, Makynna and Paxton. Big thanks to Dick Braziel for helping on scaling the car if needed and Richard Pickens for always helping with whatever is needed. Also want to thank all my family. They have always been there for me through all my racing years."

IMCA Hobby Stocks
82 Jeremy Oliver, 47 Shannon Dulock, 75 Wesley Warren, 32 Joe Williams, 8 Larry Underwood, 10 Casey Brunson, 8w3 Hayden Wade, 21j Jordan Kornegay, 44 Damian Snyder

Points leader Rick Morosky jumped into the lead in turn 1 of the Factory Stock feature. Ryan Hopkins held second with Michael Gaunet, Chris Richardson and Melvin Kemp jr. in pursuit. Richardson picked off third from Gaunet leaving him side by side with Kemp. As they leaders came up on traffic Hopkins was looking low on Morosky for the lead. That action slowed when Kemp spun and collected Doug Andrews in turn 2.

On the restart Morosky went around in front of the field with no serious contact although Jamie Herring did spin to miss him. So the new restart saw Hopkins now out front and getting away while Herring, Gaunet and Richardson were three wide for second. That spot sorted out with Gaunet taking second but Hopkins(Waco) went unchallenged to pick up the checkers.

Factory Stocks
4 Ryan Hopkins, 25 Michael Gaunet, 222 Jamie Herring, 8 Chris Richardson, 293 Barry Gaston, 27 Jerry Pittman, 52 David Pliscott, 1 Doug Andrews, 32n Karrie Fulton, 88 Rick Morosky, 54 Melvin Kemp jr., 29 Trey Votaw, 12 Greg Andrews

Colton Rawls(Waco) picked up a bit of ground in the points chase on Bradly Warren. Rawls went flag to flag in the Jr. Mini Stock feature, while Warren settled for third. Rawls was chased early by Blake Clark, but Clark half spun losing a lot of distance to Rawls who went the distance.

Jr. Mini Stocks
08 Colton Rawls, 88c Blake Clark, 34w Bradly Warren, 88 Austin Moore

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