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ASCS Gulf South Summer Natls @ HOT Spwy updates 7-22-16


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IMCA Modifieds
45t Eric Tomlinson
83 Chad Estes
48r Raymond McSpadden
96 Johnny Sheets
911 Josh McGaha
27g Dwayne Grantham
8j Kevin Rutherford
11j Justin Radcliff
5 Kevin Green
13g David Goode
1b Brandon Hood
20 Thomas Hall sr
76 Cody Daniel
1j James Cochran
555 RiChard Shields
9w Brian Walker
13 Jerry Frydrych
52 Ken Old
7g David Goode jr.---dns

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ASCS Gulf South Sprints
14 Channin Tankersley
28 Tommy Bryant
57 Jacob Lucas
17w Harli White
51 Caleb Martin
17 Ray Allen Kulhanek
76 Zane Lawrence
7m Kevin Ramey
3 Raven Culp
74e Claud Estes
36 John Pate
11x Justin Melton
24 Brandi Jass
48 Cody Stacy
21 Michelle Melton
157 Chase Parson
6 Dustin Gates
23 Jr Jenkins
69 Larry Howrey
02x Brandon Long

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IMCA Southern Sportmods
195 Gabe Tucker
58 Sid Kiphen
17 Jeff Sheopard
7x Steve Hayes
4g Garett Rawls
5 TJ Green
21t Taylor Florio
12 Brandon Geurin
99 James Holder
21 Chris Florio
95 Ronnie Bell
717 GW Egbert
G0 Billy Gould
777 James Hanusch
196 Billy Joe Sheets
00g Devin Smith
68 James Guyton
22m Taylor Courtney
9v David Votaw
601Chris Cogburn-dns

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