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Does anyone have any knowledge, pics, or articles on the three 500 lap midget races that were run at Storey-Wood Park Speedway in San Antonio from 1947-49? I'm fascinated by these events but cant find anything on them anywhere. i'd love to learn more.

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Well I can help you a little bit,so here goes.


First from the book The History of America's Speedways Past and Present it lists Storey-Wood Park Speedway as being an old horse track on Jackson Road, 1/2 mile dirt oval (1937) (4/06/47-1948).

Now from the book Texas Legacy, Tales from the Golden Days of Midget Auto Racing in Texas by Philip LeVrier, 1987. There is a copy of a Reserved section ticket stating, FIRST ANNUAL LABOR DAY NATIONAL 500-Lap Midget Auto Classic, 250 mile race for General Wainwright Trophy. It is dated 1947, the total cost of the ticket was $3.50 and it lists the track on Vance Jackson Road.

There is a copy of a newspaper article beside the ticket headlined, 33 Drivers Go To Post in Midget Race. The article starts off, The nation's longest midget auto race got under way at 10a.m. Monday with 33 drivers facing the 250 mile grind. Some other interesting notes: Bob Carroll started on the pole along side Norman Haltkamp both from California. The pace car was driven by Cannonball Baker, the winner is expected to cross the finish line between 3 and 4 P.M. To the winner will go the $2000 first prize, the new Nash pace car, numerous lap prizes, and the Wainwright trophy. Each of the 33 starting cars are guaranteed a portion of the $10,000 prize money. The article lists all the starters and where they are from. 5 from Calif.,1 from Indiana, 1 from New York City,4 from Oklahoma and the rest from Texas. Some well known names from the era are: Sam Hanks, Jud Larson, Buzz Barton and Jimmie Reese(sig). The article shows Doc Cossey from Houston as the defending champion.

Now the Americas Speedway book shows the track operating in 1937, 1947 & 1948, the ticket is for the 1947 race and I assume the article is about the 1947 race. So did Doc Cossey win in 1937? Are the years of operation listed incorrect? It's been awhile since I've read the Legacy book and I can't pinpoint any other info for you right now.

An interesting note if you didn't catch it, is the newspaper printed the story after the race started in the morning well before the it was finished, so it must have been a midday paper.


Thanks: Byron

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