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Let's get started with some perfect scores.


Rosa's Kitchen located at 5101 Leopard scored a 100.


McDonald's located at 3829 Highway 77 scored a 100.


Kona Ice Corpus Christi located at 338 44th Street scored a 100.


C.C. Speedway located at 241 Flato scored a 100.


Also on the A list with a 98 is the Whataburger located at 4101 Highway 77.


Granny's Tamales located at 9804 Leopard scored a 97.


Fuzzy's Taco Shop located at 6646 Staples scored a 95.


Hester's Café located at 1714 Alameda scored a 95.


La Jaivita #2 located at 3202 Prescott scored a 94.


Sonic Drive Inn located at 13913 Northwest Boulevard scored a 94.


Domino's Pizza located at 6601 Everhart scored a 94.


Citrus Bistro located at 100 North Shoreline scored a 93.


Russo's New York Pizzeria located at 6418 Staples scored a 91

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