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Noll & Fitt take Mid-Summer Classic honors at Canyon SP


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Noll & Fite Take Mid-Summer Classic Honors at CSP


Lonnie Wheatley, PEORIA, Ariz. (July 9, 2016) – Jason Noll and Dana Fite were among the headliners by taking wins in Saturday night’s Mid-Summer Classic atop the 1/3-mile Canyon Speedway Park clay oval near Phoenix.


While Noll reeled off his second IMCA Modified feature win in a row at CSP and Fite bagged his first Super Late Model triumph, other Mid-Summer Classic winners included George Fronsman in IMCA Stock Cars, Joe Vlasity in IMCA Hobby Stocks and Tony Martin in Dwarf Cars.


After capturing his first Arizona Differential IMCA Modified feature win of the year in last month’s Father’s Day Classic, Noll raced from the sixth starting position to snare his second win in a row ahead of current CSP points leader Mike Strobl with pole starter Austin Kuehl, Chaz Baca, Jr., and Zack Madrid rounding out the top five.


Fite became the third different winner in as many rounds of Super Late Model competition by racing to the stripe ahead of Brad Williams and James Laing.


After having his four-race Allscapes IMCA Stock Car vs. SCRA Stock Car win streak snapped last time out, George Fronsman rallied from ninth to get a new streak going by taking the checkered flag ahead of Jimmy Davy, Nate Warren, Mark Madrid and Cody Center.


In Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive IMCA Hobby Stock vs. Renegades action, Joe Vlasity raced from the fifth row outside to pick off his second win in the last three events ahead of Chuck Thornton and Paul O’Connor.


Tony Brown captured his second victory in the last three tries as well, taking Dwarf Car honors from 17th ahead of 12th-starter Cory Brown and 16th-starter Eric Muse.


Canyon Speedway Park fires back into action on Saturday night, July 30, with the Allscapes Back to School Special featuring USAC Southwest Sprint Cars along with IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Hobby Stocks.


July 9, 2016 – Mid-Summer Classic Results


Late Models:

Heat One: 1. 23-Brad Williams, 2. 29-Jerry Fincher, 3. 17-Willy Parker, 4. 14-Sean Bray, 5. 28-Craig Parker, 6. 99-Doug Paxson.

Heat Two: 1. 89L-James Laing, 2. 40-Dana Fite, 3. 40r-Steve Ricehouse, 4. 7-Michael Andees, 5. 12-Jimmy Jelvik.

“A” Feature: 1. 40-Dana Fite, 2. 23-Brad Williams, 3. 89L-James Laing, 4. 28-Craig Parker, 5. 99-Doug Paxson, 6. 29-Jerry Fincher, 7. 14-Sean Bray, 8. 17-Willy Parker, 9. 40r-Steve Ricehouse, 10. 7-Michael Andees, 11. 12-Jimmy Jelvik.


Arizona Differential IMCA Modifieds:

Heat One: 1. 44-Jason Noll, 2. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 3. L8-Brian Schultz, 4. 12-Guy Norton, 5. 14J-Jay Foster, 6. 77b-Terry Belcher, Sr., 7. 53-Justin Thornton, 8. 97-Josh Sneed.

Heat Two: 1. 77x-Austin Kuehl, 2. 78-Steve Stultz, 3. X04-Mike Strobl, 4. 19-Kenny Gill, 5. 24s-Steve Simpson, Jr., 6. 8-Nate Warren, 7. 13-Jeff Sheppard, Jr.

Heat Three: 1. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr., 2. 51-Joey Moriarty, 3. 5z-Zack Madrid, 4. 44k-Kelsie Foley, 5. 101bc-Bryson Curry, 6. 25-Paul Nelson, 7. 4-Jinger Kessler.

“A” Feature: 1. 44-Jason Noll, 2. X04-Mike Strobl, 3. 77x-Austin Kuehl, 4. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr., 5. 5z-Zack Madrid, 6. 13-Jeff Sheppard, Jr., 7. 14J-Jay Foster, 8. 101bc-Bryson Curry, 9. 44k-Kelsie Foley, 10. L8-Brian Schultz, 11. 12-Guy Norton, 12. 78-Steve Stultz, 13. 8-Nate Warren, 14. 19-Kenny Gill, 15. 24s-Steve Simpson, Jr., 16. 4-Jinger Kessler, 17. 25-Paul Nelson, 18. 77b-Terry Belcher, Sr., 19. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 20. 51-Joey Moriarty, 21. 53-Justin Thornton, 22. 97-Josh Sneed.


Allscapes IMCA Stock Cars vs. SCRA Stock Cars:

Heat One: 1. $-Cody Center, 2. 8-Nate Warren, 3. 3x-Derrick Askren, 4. 53-Justin Thornton, 5. 18-Terry Skorick, 6. 505-Brittany Manson, 7. 02x-Larry Brigner.

Heat Two: 1. 15-Mark Madrid, 2. 144-Jimmy Davy, 3. 44s-Steve Shumaker, 4. 41-George Fronsman, 5. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 6. 21jr-Scott Gunn, Jr.

“A” Feature: 1. 41-George Fronsman, 2. 144-Jimmy Davy, 3. 8-Nate Warren, 4. 15-Mark Madrid, 5. $-Cody Center, 6. 3x-Derrick Askren, 7. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 8. 44s-Steve Shumaker, 9. 21jr-Scott Gunn, Jr., 10. 18-Terry Skorick, 11. 53-Justin Thornton, 12. 505-Brittany Manson, 13. 02x-Larry Brigner.


Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive IMCA Hobby Stocks vs. Renegades:

Heat One: 1. 9-Paul O’Connor, 2. 5J-Jacob Madrid, 3. 13-Jason Crowe, 4. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 5. 26x-Shane Raines, 6. 55c-Kyle Cardinal, 7. 64-Daniel Romero, 8. 40b-Bradley Stafford.

Heat Two: 1. XX-Chuck Thornton, 2. 3-Ashley Stafford, 3. 16b-Richard Bennett, 4. 55-Merle Zachrison, 5. 45k-Mark Kilian, 6. 4-Dean Zachrison, 7. 7-David Kendall, 8. 30-Walter Stringer.

“A” Feature: 1. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 2. XX-Chuck Thornton, 3. 9-Paul O’Connor, 4. 40b-Bradley Stafford, 5. 3-Ashley Stafford, 6. 16b-Richard Bennett, 7. 55-Merle Zachrison, 8. 45k-Mark Kilian, 9. 26x-Shane Raines, 10. 4-Dean Zachrison, 11. 5J-Jacob Madrid, 12. 55c-Kyle Cardinal, 13. 64-Daniel Romero, 14. 13-Jason Crowe, 15. 7-David Kendall, 16. 30-Walter Stringer.


Dwarf Cars:

Heat One: 1. 64-Jesse Kuntz, 2. 55-John Levitt, 3. 05-Brian Stehr, 4. 91-Chris Vernon, 5. 43-Tim Cotherman, 6. 7-Eric Muse, 7. 11-Heather Hennessey, 8. 66-Frank Rhodes, 9. 96-Tyler Inscore.

Heat Two: 1. 29-Cory Brown, 2. 27-Rusty Degroat, 3. 87-Robert Atencino, 4. 08-Chris Trimino, 5. 20-Levi Rudy, 6. 41-Tony Martin, 7. 12-Pat Hennessey, 8. 47-Steve Kapaun.

Heat Three: 1. 46-Kevin Davis, 2. 88-Ed Schule, 3. 0-Brian Hatlestad, 4. 75-David Brodeur, 5. 72r-Trevor Jorgenson, 6. 26-Justin Fletcher, 7. 84-Brian Storment, 8. 38-Jeff Foster.

“A” Feature: 1. 41-Tony Martin 2. 29-Cory Brown, 3. 7-Eric Muse, 4. 46-Kevin Davis, 5. 11-Heather Hennessey, 6. 47-Steve Kapaun, 7. 88-Ed Schule, 8. 05-Brian Stehr, 9. 75-David Brodeur, 10. 66-Frank Rhodes, 11. 08-Chris Trimino, 12. 27-Rusty Degroat, 13. 0-Brian Hatlestad, 14. 72r-Trevor Jorgenson, 15. 96-Tyler Inscore, 16. 12-Pat Hennessey, 17. 87-Robert Atencino, 18. 55-John Levitt, 19. 64-Jesse Kuntz, 20. 43-Tim Cotherman, 21. 26-Justin Fletcher, 22. 91-Chris Vernon, 23. 20-Levi Rudy.

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