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July 4th in Review

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I thought due to the enormous amount of things that when on I would give a few updates.


We had a enormous turn out of fans and drivers. I have never received so many thank you's and we had a fun time from our fans. They enjoyed the racing, getting done at a reasonable hour and the bar.


We did however have our issues this weekend. The large amount of people overwhelmed the bartenders and concession at times. We had to make some tough calls. Some I think we did good with some maybe not. However over all it was a great weekend.


I will explain one call we had to make for clarification. Please understand this is not to start a long bash session or what should have been done. I am aware we could have called this in many ways. The pure stock feature ended in a Promoters both dream and nightmare. The racing was great and put on the show. The fans were engaged and excited. It will bring back the fans and shows why the Pure stocks are becoming the main class at South Texas Speedway. However to make the call at the end of the night of who finished where was difficult. We had to take a lot of things into consideration.


THE Pure Stock Decision: The 121 and 01 entered the last corner of the last lap side by side. Both of these drivers drove in too hard and spun there cars. This and the 6 car going slow at the top of the track blocked the track for 3rd on back. The flagman seeing this happening while already having the checkered in his hand throws the checkered flag and puts on the caution lights. The race is over at that moment. We do not race back to a checkered flag. It does not matter who advanced after the wreck and reached the flag stand. So in creating the finishing order we gave the win to the 121 who was ahead at the time of the checkered flag and placed everyone else at the last timing position or lap 24. This is the safest and most fair way for us to make a call. It will allow us to make this call in the same matter on all future events. I will say however I think we made one bad call on this issue. Car number 6 was out of the way still limping around on the top of turn 4. He had a flat tire and was given the position 19. I think however after reviewing the video he should have been placed somewhere around the last car on the lead lap.


I hope this explains that situation better.


I thank you all for your support and the great racing you provided.


I also thank all the employees who worked hard to provide a great place to race.


Thank you,


Ken Hobbs

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One of the reasons this promoter is gaining support right here.... Up front and telling it like he sees it, whether folks will agree or disagree. A big plus in my opinion.


Sure, it's easy to get pissed off when the call doesn't go your way and sometimes folks feel the need to bash the crap out of those making the hard calls. Or even making a mistake on a call.


I do my best to keep the rants against tracks, promoters, officials and feuds between drivers/race teams off the site, but I cannot stay on here 24-7 and some slip through. I apologize to the scorekeepers in this particular instance. I was off with my family for an extended time period over the past couple of days and a few took the opportunity to disparage the STS scoring department.



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Ken, I am not going to bash this topic, the drivers, the flagman or the track, but I have seen many things on social media dealing with the calls made this weekend. As a car owner and a sponsor of 5 cars in that class, I feel like I have a vested interest in this class.


This track and most of these drivers and the officials have been around long time and I know every scenario can't be thought of, but this one has happened many of times over the years and I have never seen a 25 lap feature be based on a 24 lap finish. Congrats and thumbs up to EJ, he drove the shit outta that car for sure.


[NOTE: Portions of this post were edited out before it was approved for posting. Nick]

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Driver safety has to be forefront at any motorsports event and how to handle it is the responsibility of the race director and management. Its been for some time STS does not restart a race on the last lap and does not race back to the checkered under caution. So if you want a good finish position get it and keep it rather than trying to take advantage of an unfortunate event. Its was the same deal for Late Models as the Pure Stocks and the call was uniform. Not unlike the Xfinity race at Daytona.


As a fan I thought the PS race was a great one as were the other races. I don't think the winning position would have changed regardless of how the race was called. What I saw looked like perhaps there was a spill on the racing surface in 3-4. Watch all the cars start spinning in the same spot. How do you have at least 3 cars race 25 laps and all of a sudden loose talent? All it takes is a leaking radiator because water on a prepped dirt track is like oil on pavement. It is clarified that a finish under caution will be scored the previous lap like all cautions.


Congrats to EJ for finishing first after starting 28th in a 25 lap race. I hope this confusion does not tarnish your accomplishment because you don't see this very often.


Thank you STS for giving all of us a weekend we will remember for a long time. You have demonstrated the key to success is indeed leadership.

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invert the whole field and Joshua would have started up in the top three or so along with ej.. ;)....a track has to make a decision at times some wont agree with ..in this case I think they did what they thought needed ..me the winner may have been the same .but second on back could have changed if a green, white , checker ,was the finish and plus the fans would have gotten a full race with an extra couple of laps ...as long as no one was hurt and time limit isn't in place .a race like that should never finish on a short ..but lucky for I and others we don't have to make that decision ..

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