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Cotton Bowl Speedway live updates 6-25-16


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IMCA Southern Sportmods
717 GW Egbert
10d Don Painter
0k Thomas Bennett
55 Rusty Head
661 Johnny Torres
r3w Rick Wolfe
c3 Chris Birmingham
51 Earl Ingram
70 George Egbert
551 Gerald Henderson
11t Tom Grotheus
86 Dillon Tindell
43g Gene Burnett
89c Steve Whiteaker jr
26g JJ Jennings
25 Bfrandon Prewitt
43 Jeremy Petty
04 Nathan Robbins
17 Don Krahn
601 Chris Cogburn---dns

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Sorry Cary/NeSmith guys.....It did get in the story, sometimes it gets a bit hectic in the tower doing updates

NeSmith Street Stock
55 Josh Chevalier, 48r Rob Slott, 97 Jeff Schultea, 2 Heath Stewart, 22m Anthony Gordon, 9 Tommy Gural, 30 Bryan Meredith, 1, Tim Ellis, 00 Matthew Hawken, 3 Bruce Hinson

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