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$2,500/win and $400/start Sprint Car Bandits at LoneStar Spe

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Now $2,500/win and $400/start Sprint Car Bandits at LoneStar Speedway 6/25


Mesquite, TX (6/22/16) - Today, the Sprint Car Bandits series is pleased to announce that Gen-Tech is supporting this Saturday night's (June 25) event at LoneStar Speedway - which will now pay $2,500 to win...and pays all the way down to $400 (for 21st)!


REMINDER Sprint Car Teams: you must be registered with the Sprint Car Bandits prior to 6/25 (race day). Click www.SprintCarBandits.com then go to the 'drivers' tab, and you'll be all set up in about a minute. Otherwise there is a $300 at-track Series registration fee. Free series registration runs through 6/24.


In the interest of time, we wanted to get this update out immediately, for complete previously released event information.



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