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85 Ideas Every Race Track Should Try


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I personally think this would help all tracks as well as many others.

72) Let the fans decide on a show. Have them vote early in the season or pre-season to when theyd like to have a special show, for example on July 4th or Labor Day (giving options). Announce each week what the tallies are then at the end of the voting announce the wining date.

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I think we should make up our own song . call it DRIVER SUIT BOGGIE and get some driver who can dance and some who cant .go up in the stands and dance to it .. that's sick right there but could be funny as hell ..just think that could spread over the whole racing attire and may find it at a nascar track ..... so who wants to start the first line ....that's a hint right there ..



First line .


Second line .

third line four .

every one push the pedal and blows some doors .

turn the wheel or bend some steel .. .. you know something in the sorts ..yep stupid but we race cars .so fits right in line ...now will someone please shoot me and put out of yahs misery .

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