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IHRA Texas Nationals Pro-Am @ San Antonio Raceway 4-3-16

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IHRA Good Vibrations Texas Nationals fueled by Sunoco @ San Antonio Raceway, 4/1-3/16

By JM Hallas


“Let's play two”


Marion, TX.,(April 3rd, 2016) Ok, those not from the midwest probably don't get the ol' Ernie Banks quote, “It's a great day for a ball game(race), let's play two.” But it somewhat fits the scenario. It is a beautiful day at the track, and after the finals rounds of Sportsman cars was suspended last night due to time, cool track temperatures and a dew, it was a race and a half playing today.


With the Pro classes now packed up and headed on down the road awaiting their next stop, Maryland International Dragway(Budds Creek) on June 17-19th, the Sportsman had the stage all to themselves with one more chance to pick up an 'Ironman' or perhaps double up for the weekend.


Drivers and crews were given only one shot today at qualifying to set their ladders and fields for eliminations directly after that. Early morning conditions were a little brisk, but as the day wore on the track temperatures climbed to near ideal conditions for all the Sportsman classes.


There were only a few major incidents over the entire weekend. Friday Sportsman qualifying saw Jeff Ivy in his Super Rod Vega get out of shape, tag the wall and roll down the track. He was taken in for observation but later released.


In Nitro Funny Car qualifying on Saturday night, Fred Farndon ran long, skipped across the sand trap and collided with the hay bales and catch fence at the top end. He too was alright, but the car was in need of major repairs.


Early Sunday in the completion of race one, Jimmie Hutto in his Super Stock Corvette had problems on his burn out. He tried to stage and hope for a red light into the finals from the other lane. When that didn't happen he launched wheels up and as it landed the car made a hard left turn towards the wall. He made slight contact causing minor body damage, but was still having issue in the car when he returned for race two.


The afternoon Eliminations in Top Sportsman saw Jim Thorpe get out of the groove past the finish line and bounce his Top Sportsman off the wall. The car was done for the day, Thorpe continued on his Top Dragster.


IHRA Texas Nationals Pro-Am race #1

Top Sportsman

Roger Massey(Gilmer) in his Chevy Cobalt squared off against local driver, Matt Crisp(Castroville) in his All In Designs, Mission Racing, Greg Hubbell Race Cars, Ford Mustang. Crisp had a slight starting advantage but Massey was able to drive around him for the win.


Roger Massey,(6.90) 6.939 @ 200.53 defeats Matt Crisp,(7.49) 7.553 @ 191.98



Top Dragster

In Top Dragster it was JR Baxter(Waxahachie) versus Dillon Bontrager(Wylie). Bontrager gave the race away at the lights going .001 red handing the win to Baxter who savored the win easing down the track.


JR Baxter,(6.35) 8.231 @ 104.97 defeats Dillon Bontrager,(7.11) 24.954 @ 26.75(Red)


Super Stock

Shriever, Louisiana's Joe Teuton in his Hemi powered King Cuda was paired with JB Clegg(Victoria) in the Super Stock finals. Clegg, in his War Bird Pontiac Firebird, had the first light, but gave up 8/100th to Teuton who left second, Neither were able to run their number with Teuton taking home the win.


Joe Teuton,(8.51) 8.661 @ 135.30 defeats JB Clegg,(9.82) 10.072 @ 132.28



Jerry Doughty(Baton Rouge, La.) in his Doughty Racing, Chevy Camaro faced off with Jake Howard(Lavon), driving his Chevy Nova, in the Stock finals. This race was determined at the big end with both drivers breaking out. Doughty was the least offender and awarded the victory.


Jerry Doughty,(11.46) 11.455 @ 114.50 defeats Jake Howard,(10.84) 10.798 @ 116.94(Double break out)


Quick Rod(8.90)

The Quick Rod finals had Lyndon Rutland(Spring) going against Blanchard, Oklahoma's Vernon Rowland sporting the number 1 on his car. Rowland had 1/100th on the starting line, but overshot the dial index giving the victory to Rutland.


Lyndon Rutland, 8.925 @ 169.49 defeats Vernon Rowland, 8.884 @ 165.26(Broke out)


Super Rod(9.90)

The Super Rod finals was a pair of altered Corvettes with Charlie Stewart(Azle) and Tony Farmer(Midland). It was a double break out finish with Stewart getting the win missing the dial index by only 1/1000th.


Charlie Stewart, 8.899 @ 164.71 defeats Tony Farmer, 9.864 @ 151.77


Hot Rod(10.90)

In Hot Rod it was two east Texas drivers going head to head with Dennis Clark(Pasadena) in his Chevy Camaro, and Matt Exner(LaPorte). Clark got 7/100th on the tree then nailed his number while Exner broke out.


Dennis Clark, 10.905 @ 131.89 defeats Matt Exner, 10.896 @ 140.10(Broke out)


NTS 11.50 index

Two San Antonio drivers were paired off for the new NTS(No Throttle Stop) 11.50 class. Mac Garcia in his North Park Lincoln, Ford Maverick got the win on the starting line after Leroy O'Bryant in his Wild West, O'Bryant Automotive, Chevy Monza went red by .013. Garcia ran it out the back door and might have broken out if O'Bryant hadn't red lit.


Mac Garcia, 11.486 @ 109.14 defeats Leroy O'Bryant 11.516 @ 118.73(Red)


Jr Dragster Masters

The Jr Dragster Masters finals saw track champion, Ashley Hubbell(San Antonio) up against Harley Hebert(Port Neches). The race was determined at the finish with both racers breaking out, with Hubbell in her Black Jack Speed Shop, All In Design, Bexar Waste, Classic Electric, Express Lube, Greg Hubbell Race Cars being the worst giving the win to Hebert in his PRC Chassis.


Harley Hebert(7.90) 7.892 @ 83.21 defeats Ashley Hubbell(7.93) 7.883 @ 81.26(Double break out)


Jr Dragster Advanced

Audrey Wenske(Bacliff) and Kade Guidry(Winnie) matched up the Jr Dragster Advanced class. Wenske took home the win after Guidry, who was late on the tree, broke out on the big end trying to run Wenske down.


Audrey Wenske(9.00) 9.107 @ 71.02 defeats Kade Guidry(8.90) 8.843 @ 74.25(Broke out)


Jr. Dragster Beginner

In the Jr Dragster Beginner class it was J. Nelson taking the victory after Ladon Exner broke out at the finish line. Both left with similar reaction times, but Exner was to quick and run under his dial in.


J. Nelson(12.42) 12.465 @ 53.23 defeats Ladon Exner(12.12) 12.117 @ 74.05(Broke out)



IHRA Texas Nationals Pro-Am race #2

Top Sportsman

Again Matt Crisp(Castroville) made it to the finals in Top Sportsman in his All In Designs, Mission Racing, Greg Hubbell Race Cars, Ford Mustang, this time against Leslie Dugas in his Oldsmobile. Crisp tried too hard to make up for the race loss and just missed his in dial by .009(9/1000th) handing the win to Dugas.


Leslie Dugas(7.45) 7.475 @ 186.49 defeats Matt Crisp(7.60) 7.591 @ 180.22(Broke out)


Top Dragster

Dillon Bontrager(Wylie) looked to appease himself for going .001 red in race 1 when he faced off with Terry Pollard(Montgomery) in Top Dragster. Both left with nearly identical reaction times and at the stripe in was Bontager gabbing the win.


Dillon Bontrager(7.15) 7.164 @ 181.60 defeats Terry Pollard(7.36) 7.381 @ 179.07


Super Stock

JB Clegg(Victoria) in his War Bird, Pontiac Firebird made up for his race 1 loss taking the win over Pete Peery in his Olds Calais. Clegg took 2/100th on the tree then held off Perry to grab the victory


JB Clegg(8.79) 8.822 @ 138.50 defeats Pete Perry(9.70) 9.861 @ 137.57



In the Stock finals it was J. Allen Sherman(Donaldson, La.) in his high flying 2000 Corvette versus Robert Ewell jr(Conroe) in his Chevy Monte Carlo. Sherman had a .008 light as he had to chase down Ewell, who ended up breaking out on the big end.


J. Allen Sherman(10.14) 10.204 @ 134.13 defeats Robert Ewell jr.(12.53) 12.517 @ 102.02(Broke out)


Quick Rod(8.90)

A pair of Kevins faced off in the Quick Rod finals with Kevin Picha(Sweethome) and Kevin Bracey(Midland). It was nearly side by side the entire quarter mile with Picha grabbing the stripe first for the win.


Kevin Picha, 8.943 @ 171.04 defeats Kevin Bracy, 8.953 @ 171.82


Super Rod(9.90)

Again Super Rod saw a pair of altered Corvettes in the final round, and oddly enough both from Troy, Texas, this time it was T&S Racing Tommy Maedgen and Kip Guenzel. Guenzel, who had been having overheating issues, couldn't run the number, but Maedgen went under the index handing Guenzel the win.


Kip Guenzel, 10.745 @ 106.03 defeats Tommy Maedgen, 9.882 @ 155.87


Hot Rod(10.90)

Dennis Clark(Pasadena) in his Houston Truck Parts, Chevy Camaro took the double up pay day in Hot Rod taking home his second race win over Marvin Allemand(Raceland, La.) in the Allemand Racing, Chevy Cobalt. Both had equal reaction times, but Allemand out shot the index giving Clark the double dip.


Dennis Clark, 10.926 @ 134.13 defeats Marvin Alleman, 10.867 @ 131.43


NTS 11.50 index

After taking a loss in race 1, Leroy O'Bryant in his Wild West, O'Bryant Automotive Chevy Monza rebounded in race to grab the victory over Kenny Hilburn(Pleasanton), who broke out, in his Chevy Camaro. The San Antonio Raceway veteran, O'Bryant treed Hilburn forcing Hilburn to try to run him down and over shot the index.


Leroy O'Bryant, 11.522 @ 116.04 defeats Kenny Hilburn, 11.445 @ 110.73


Jr Dragster Masters

Cory Gulitti(Spring) grabbed the Jr. Dragster Masters finals over San Antonio's Kenneth Hillin. Hillin went .004 red, while Gulitti was .004 to the good side of the tree. Both would out run their numbers.


Cory Gulitti(8.90) 7.888 @ 83.29 defeats Kenneth Hillin(8.90) 7.889 @ 82.66(Red)


Jr Dragster Advanced

After breaking out in Jr. Dragster Advanced class, Kade Guidry(Winnie) got a return gift in race 2 after Graeme Rufenacht went .013 red in the finals. Guidry may have broke out again, while Rufenacht nailed his number, all for naught.


Kade Guidry(8.93) 8.890 @ 73.64 defeats Graeme Rufenacht(8.91) 8.916 @ 74.31(Red)


Jr. Dragster Beginner

Landon Exner(La Porte) gave away race 1 with a break out but was on the winning end of a red light by Claudia Murdock(Orange) in the Jr. Dragster Beginner class.


Landon Exner(11.97) 12.061 @ 54.49 defeats Claudia Murdock(11.90) 11.958 @ 53.74(Red)

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