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Texas World Speedway track status, spring 2016


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This report is from a communication from the World Racing League to its membership:




TEXAS WORLD SPEEDWAY - Race information and track status


Hey folks!


Just a follow up reminder that the scheduled changed and we consolidated the two TWS races originally scheduled into one event on April 30- May 1. That will give everyone more time after COTA and still keeps us in good weather for racing!


We moved the Fast In deadline back to March 25 to give everyone a breather from COTA. That's less than 2 weeks away, don't miss it!


9 + 7 hour races - $1250 ($1100 Fast In)


9 hour Sat. only - $925 ($850 fast In)


This race is capped at 60 entries.


Will this be the last WRL race at Texas World? Most likely, yes.


People continue to ask about the status of TWS. Is it closing, is it being bought, will it get another extension, etc. There is no simple answer, but as someone involved with the track I can at least dispel rumors and relay what I know.


The planned development is still moving forward and as of today, the target closing date is still June 30. The two obstacles that have delayed the closing since last June were a vote on creating a Municipal Utility District, and right of way to take utilities across adjacent properties. The MUD vote was held and passed, and the eminent domain process may be complete as early as April. Surveys and environmental studies are complete, some of the infrastructure has been removed, and equipment and vehicles are being inventoried in anticipation of selling those assets.Checking the Appraisal District maps, a section of the track including Turn 6 has been subdivided from the rest of the property and shows a new owner.


Everyone jokes that TWS has been closing for years, but unlike past rumors, the intent to close and redevelop the property is very real and it's only a matter of the exact date. At best, there may be another extension, but WRL has already booked other Texas venues past June 30.


Club Track Holdings still has an offer on the table but the parties are still a certain distance apart on an agreement and as you can see, the current owners are not delaying or slowing down their efforts. We can hope for the best but the reality is that the odds are pretty slim that TWS will be around much longer.


The good news is that Club Track Holdings still has a "contingency plan" to build a new track once everything has run its course and TWS actually shuts down, and there are some positive rumors milling around about ECR as well.


Anything could happen, but all of the evidence indicates that the track is finished this year, as early as June 30.




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Well it looks like she may be finally doomed for good. It will be sad to know TWS is no more. I went out that way awhile back and it is a shell of itself back when I was a kid.

Will always remember that view from the top of the hill on grandstand side looking out at the track, walking through the tunnel and getting down to that huge infield.


TWS a little ahead of itself these days it would be a huge hit even though "it was built in the wrong place".

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FYI, NASA Texas will be there April 22-24. Come participate or just spectate. I know CTS is running that weekend, but, we will be on track Friday and Sunday too. If you make it, be sure to look me up.


Clifton Winkleman

Race Director

NASA Texas

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I am very curious about the Club Track Holdings group who are proposing a "replacement" road course somewhere in Texas... I haven't heard much about it, but when I did a Google search I found out all sorts of interesting stuff.


Here is their webpage. >>> http://www.clubtrackholdings.com/


They were hoping to build it in Brenham, Texas, but apparently the town has some objections. >>> http://kwhi.com/racetrack-rumors-resurface/


The proposed replacement track - named Bluebonnet Racing Circuit - has a FaceBook page which is apparently run by the folks at Club Track Holdings. https://www.facebook.com/bluebonnetracingcircuit/ Their last post suggests they have temporarily stopped plans for a new track, but are concentrating on purchasing the existing TWS facility and making major upgrades.


The CEO of Club Track Holdings is Charles Von Schmidt. I looked him up on Google as well and found this not-so-positive piece of information: http://kwhi.com/von-schmidt-faces-felony-charges-in-livingston/. And http://www.polkcountytoday.com/darelease010716.html. Keep in mind that these sort of suits and counter-suits are pretty commonplace in the world of real estate dealings. Doesn't necessarily mean anything negative about Mr. Von Schmidt, but it does raise a flag.



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