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Bounty Hunter No-Prep Nationals @ San Antonio Raceway 3/12/16

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Have the need for speed, but your local circle track is rained out? Crave the smell of racing fuel, burning rubber and maybe a little nitrous? Well here ya go....

Bounty Hunter N-Prep Nationals at San Antonio Raceway Saturday 3/12/16.....$50,000 to win.....Some of the baddest cars will be there, Street Outlaw Kye Kelley, James "Birdman" Finney from the Houston area and local champ, Mike Murillo in the reborn LaFawnduh.....Also $10,000 to win small tire class, $7,000 to win Sportsman, $5,000 210 Call-out List and the rescheduled $5,000 Truck Shootout that was rained out Friday night.



Time frame may vary since the truck part got postponed.....Check www.saraceway.com or visit San Antonio Raceway fb page for further updates

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