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Pan American Speedway 1520 Austin Hwy. at Eisenhauer ca. 1955

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The near side parking lot by Austin Highway in the photo is now occupied by a Valero gas station and a parts store (Western Auto the last time I drove by).


The track was partially replaced by apartments.


The other street track parking lot was replaced by rental storage facilities.


I have seen this photo in past years. The significant thing that pops up in my mind is that the full parking lot suggests full low cost grandstands on both sides of the track, many race cars in the pits and a profit making track which pays a fair purse to the car owners and justifies their frequent participation at Pan American Speedway #1 races.


It was a day when pre 1967 local asphalt racing was successful for all parties.



Neil Upchurch (moved to San Antonio in May 1968)

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OH WOW, Reb. Thanks for posting. Back then, we mostly went out to Oak Hill Downs, s/w of Austin. But once or twice a season Dad would take us down to PanAm in SA. That was always a really big deal for a little kid like me back then. I can still come up with a few names that raced our there then, like Don Fowler, Dick Caufield,

Buddy Yantis and Buddy Jerkins to name a few.


Of course, back then, there was no I-35. Somewhere out on the south end of Austin, South Congress Avenue simply transitioned into the "San Antone Highway." :)

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Wow. When I first moved to San Antonio a few years ago I moved into the Avalon Apartments. Those are the apartments that now partially cover the old track (SE side of track, upper right of photo, turn 1 or 3?) The drainage ditch that runs just behind the track is still used there. Moving up the photo it looks like an early Corinne Dr. then Salado Creek next to Holbrook Rd. I knew I heard something in my dreams!

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