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New for the TALMS Season Opener.


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I'm taking an idea from Joe Spillman a from Average Joes Performance.


We will be doing a calcutta for the top 6 qualifiers on opening night.


Here is what we are going to do. Once all of the top 6 clears tech after qualifying the drivers will make their way to the flagstand area of the grandstands.


We will auction off the drivers to the crowd to the highest bidder.


Then take the money and split it three ways. Whichever driver wins their fan will receive a third of the pot, a third will be put into the points fund (thank you Aaron Brungot for the awesome idea!) and the other third will be split up into the purse for some extra bonus money.


If the winner comes from outside of the top 6 the money will go to the highest finishing drivers fan.


The 6 bidders will also draw for their drivers starting position.


A little something something to get the fans involved and excited for TALMS racing! See you there!

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