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South Texas Shootout @ South Texas Speedway friday updates


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Pure Stock A-Qualifier(top 6 to A-main)

01 Joseph Snow

987 Marcus Mikulencak

07 Logan Schunka

83 Chase Bresee

28m Mason Casteneda

127 Jerry Walters

15d Jamie Dear

21 Eric Ramos

38 Joshua Sewell

4 David McGuire

42 Fred Vannoy

73 John Ramirez

58 Hunter Flanagan

53 Craig Oakes

33 Barry Major

10 Case Duncan

j87 John Mikulencak

4j Curtis King

7a Travis Weatherford

441 Dakota Heinaman

32 Mickey Helms

10h Caleb Hudgeons

115 EJ Gilpin

7 Jesse Sandoval---dns

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Limited Modifieds A-Qualifier(top 6 locked in to A-main)

89c Steve Whiteaker jr

31 Cody Smith

63 Shane Hoefling

15j Tracy Denby

90 Dustin Butcher

99 Craig Oakes

0 Eddie Martin

87 Lawrence Mikulencak

38 David Schurry

232 Joel Garcia

9L David Lege jr

115 Chuck Perry

88 Jeremy Fiscus

11 Tyler Box

16g Bubba Gates

184 Brian Rye

58 Hunter Flanagan

12r Roly Rodriguez

86x Justin Collins

bd3 Bobby Maupin

bd2 Johnny Torres

2r Ray Schaalman

161 Hector Aguirre

10 Dustin Robinson

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