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Race #4 results South Texas Street Stock Shootout

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South Texas Street Stock Shootout

South Texas Speedway

Corpus Christi, Texas

July 4, 2015

2015 Race No. 4




Heat 1

1. K99 Kyle Carter

2. 53 Edward Oakes

3. BD1 Craig Oakes

4. 184 Brian Rye

5. 84 Alaina Smith

6. 4 David McGuire

DNS 15D Jamie Dear


Heat 2

1. 9m Marcus Mikulencak

2. 9w Steve Whiteaker, Jr.

3. 2 Heath Stewart

4. 36F Frank Okruhlik

5. 13s William Stephens

6. 1x Tim Dickman


Heat 3

1. 41 Wade Jones

2. T9 Steven Doty

3. 22m Anthony Gordon

4. 15 Hector Aquirre

5. 42 Curtis King

6. 55 Roger Sturtz



1. 53 Edward Oakes

2. 41 Wade Jones

3. 9w Steve Whiteaker, Jr.

4. 184 Brian Rye

5. T9 Steven Doty

6. 99K Kyle Carter

7. 2 Heath Stewart

8. 22m Anthony Gordon

9. 84 Alaina Smith

10. 9m Marcus Mikulencak

11. 13s William Sephens

12. 36F Frank Okruhlik

13. 55 Roger Sturtz

14. 1x Tim Dickman

15. 15 Hector Aquirre

16. 4 David McGuire

17. 15D Jamie Dear

18. 42 Curtis King

19. BD1 Craig Oakes

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The rain finally let up long enough for South Texas Speedway to welcome Race #4 of the South Texas Street Stock Shootout and were the main event of the night featuring plenty of fireworks. Nineteen of the best Street Stock drivers in Texas took to the fast surface of STS and put on a show for 25 laps.


Kyle Carter and Wade Jones led the field to green as Steve Whiteaker Jr, took the drop back bonus relinquishing his outside pole starting position. Jones took control early and held control as Carter was passed by Brian Rye, Steven Doty and Edward Oakes, who was flying all night long.


Whiteaker Jr, was impressive and flying as well as he battled from last up to a very strong 3rd place finish.


Whiteaker tried to parlay his worse to first magic from the Limited Modified race into the Shootout race, but came up just short in just his second Street Stock Shootout race this season on his home track.


Brian Rye ran a consistent race to finish a respectable fourth, Steven Doty rounding out the top five.


Edward Oakes took advantage of a late restart to take the lead and win in commanding style with Jones chasing.


Anthony Gordon, recipient of the Drop Back Challenge in Race #3 at Shady Oaks, voluntarily dropped to the back again to attempt to rack up some passing points in Race #4 battled back up to 8th. Rookie of the Year contender, Alaina Smith putting forth her best effort of the year and cracked into the top 10 for the first time with a solid 9th. Point leader and fellow


Rookie of the Year contender, Marcus Mikulencak got tangled up in turns 1-2 with Kyle Carter on the final lap. Both drivers continued but Mikulencak losing a few spots in the aftermath.


You can bet that Wade Jones will be hunting down Edward Oakes as well as the rest of the field come July 18th when the Street Stock Shootout returns to Texana Raceway Park in Edna, TX. Marcus Mikulencak will look to rebound and build on his Points/Rookie of the Year lead.


Come on out to TRP July 18th and see who will be interviewed by Milton Hope after the race and claim the victory and trophy from Miss Shootout Alia.

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That was a great report. It is things like this that most promoters miss. You need to continually build excitement to maintain momentum. If people aren't hearing about it or talking about it, it slowly fades away. Then it will become any of the long list of excuses that race promoters or mostly operators use as to why it is not going well. Good job.

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Thank you. The STS classes were good too, was a good night all the way around. I'm not sure if Reb will be at the Hudgeon's race, if he is, I'll leave it to the professional, but if he's not, I'll try to keep up with everything. Also hope to be finally driving this weekend too so could be a little different.

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