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Texas IMCA Nationals @ Heart o' Texas Speedway, 7/3/2015

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Texas IMCA Nationals @ Heart o' Texas Speedway, 7/2-4, 2015

By JM Hallas


Waco, TX.,(July 3rd, 2015) With Independence Day weekend just around the corner, Heart o Texas Speedway kicked off it on-track celebration with the Texas IMCA Nationals. Thursday gave racers a practice night followed by a pit party, but Friday it was time to strap in and race.


Several other IMCA tracks took the weekend off to give all racers the chance to compete for the title of Texas Nationals champion, plus an increased purse. On hand were the IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sportmods, I-Stocks and Hobby Stocks, plus the Street Stocks, Factory Stocks and Jr Mini Stocks.


Fridays racing included heats and qualifying racing for each class with the top 12 locked in each IMCA class for Saturday nights big show. Over 125 racers and teams from all around Texas signed in for action on the ¼ mile, high-banked, dirt oval. Friday night was highlighted by a fireworks display at intermission.


The track was in excellent conditions even in the early stages during heats races. Come time for features the track had slicked off nicely and was smooth and racy.


Batt Busts Off Big One

It's not often you can beat a former multi-time, multi-class champion on a track he's probably got a gazillion laps on, but Harker Heights' Jason Batt pulled of that feat in the IMCA Modified qualifier. Not only did Batt beat Keith White, but out-snookered him in traffic, and in a car that he's just recently jumped into.


Batt got by JP Dowell early in the 20-lap Modified qualifier and stalked White during the first half of the race. Batt would took looks low from time and when the duo caught slower traffic, Batt made a bold three wide move under a lapped car and White to get the lead at halfway.


White was relentless in keeping the pressure on Batt the final part of the event with the top three nose to tail in heavy traffic. The veteran IMCA Stock Car driver, Batt held steady despite the heat from the former IMCA National Champion, White in his Advocare, Dirt Defender, Fred Garvin Machine Shop, crate powered, Gould Race Car.


The track had some oil on it, said Batt. I figured out how to drive through it without it upsetting my car. Then I got lucky, I guess, with the lapped traffic. I think the fast guys will be a little more aggressive Saturday night with the money on the line. They won't let the rookie get an easy win.



IMCA Modified A-qualifier(Top 12 locked in)

19 Jason Batt, 1 Keith White, 715 JP Dowell, 5 Kevin Green, 26 Dean Abbey, 11j Justin Radcliff, 27g Dwayne Grantham, 1b Brandon Hood, 97 Doug Lorenz, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 34w Ronnie Warren, 7g David Goode jr., 96 Johnny Sheets, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 27 Marlin Samford, v18 Kenny Merritt, 17t Cody Tidwell, 32r Robert Stewart, 423 Will Poston, 11e Dillon Smith, 9w Brian Walker, 444 Joe Spillman


IMCA Modified B-main(top 12 to A-qualifier)

444 Joe Spillman, 96n Johnny Sheets, 17t Cody Tidwell, 423 Will Poston, 34w Ronnie Warren, 97 Doug Lorenz, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 27 Marlin Samford, 13 Jerry Frydrych, v18 Kenny Merritt, 7g David Goode jr., 77 Robert Liese jr.


IMCA Modified heats(top 4 redraw)

Heat 1; 715 JP Dowell, 19 Jason Batt, 5 Kevin Green, 1b Brandon Hood, 17t Cody Tidwell, 444 Joe Spillman, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 18v Kenny Merritt


Heat 2; 1 Keith White, 26 Dean Abbey, 27 Dwayne Grantham, 9w Brian Walker, 34w Ronnie Warren, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 423 Will Poston, 96 Johnny Sheets


Heat 3; 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 11j Justin Radcliff, 11e Dillon Smith, 32r Robert Stewart, 97 Doug Lorenz, 7g David Goode jr., 77 Robert Liese jr., 27 Marlin Samford


Scrivner Scores Sportmod Win

Hometown racer, Robert Scrivner grabbed the victory in the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod qualifier. After several attempts at a start the 24-car starting field went single file with pole sitter, Trevor Egbert out to lead on lap 1. Scrivner used momentum off the high side to get past T. Egbert on lap 2.


T. Egbert tried on numerous occasions to dive back under Scrinver, mostly on retarts, but Scrivner held him off. A final restart with five to go rebunched the pack and gave T. Egbert one last shot. The top six were able to quickly break away from the field while side by side battles raged for seventh and ninth.


Scrivner was able to inch ahead of T. Egbert as the final laps dwindled down. He went on to take the checkers unchallenged in the J&J Motorsports, Lambs Muffler, Greens Automatic Transmissions, D.A.E., Berta Built Bodies, Nate Mare Wraps, Vogue Cleaners, Central Texas Lawn Sprinklers, Uncle Easy's Race Engines, Express Chassis.


The track tonight was nice, very smooth and fun to drive. Commented Scrivner. Hopefully we have something similar tomorrow night and we have as strong of a run. That's all we can hope for. At the end of the weekend all that matters is that we had some fun along the way.



IMCA Southern Sportmods(Top 12 locked in)

53 Robert Scrivner, 78 Trevor Egbert, 70 George Egbert, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 601 Chris Cogburn, 17 Jeff Sheppard, 14t Talon Minten, 10d Don Painter, 7 Steve Hayes, 4g Garett Rawls, 44 Anthony Simcik, 5 TJ Green, 13g Sarah Goode, 8w Steve Wade, 0k Thomas Bennett, 69 Ronnie Bell, 24r Robby Minten, 9 Andrew Richards, 717 GW Egbert, 58 Sid Kiphen, 41 Chad Hughes, 681 Rusty Head, 88m Calen Mohler, 11t Tom Grothues


IMCA Southern Sportmod B-main(top 12 to A-qualifier)

37 Jeffrey Abbey, 14t Talon Minten, 58 Sid Kiphen, 13g Sarah Goode, 4g Garett Rawls, 44 Anthony Simcik, 9 Andrew Richards, 8w Steve Wade, 0k Thomas Bennett, 681 Rusty Head, 69 Ronnie Bell, 88m Calen Mohler, 99 James Holder, 123 Aaron Patterson, c3 Chris Birmingham, 116 Damon Hammond, 56 Carlton Brunson, 86 Dillon Tindall


IMCA Southern Sportmod heats(top 4 redraw)

Heat 1; 78 Trevor Egbert, 70 George Egbert, 10d Don Painter, 17 Jeff Sheppard, c3 Chris Birmingham, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 69 Ronnie Bell, 44 Anthony Simcik, 8w Steve Wade, 58 Sid Kiphen---dntg


Heat 2; 53 Robert Scrivner, 717 GW Egbert, 601 Chris Cogburn, 11t Tom Grothues, 14t Talon Minten, 681 Rusty Head, 56 Carlton Brunson, 0k Thomas Bennett, 4g Garett Rawls, 123 Aaron Patterson


Heat 3; 24r Robby Minten, 41 Chad Hughes, 5 TJ Green, 7 Steve Hayes, 116 Damon Hammond, 13g Sarah Goode, 9 Andrew Richards, 88m Calen Mohler, 86 Dillon Tindall, 99 James Holder


Cosper Claims I-Stock Qualifier

Belton's Charles Cosper scored the IMCA Stock Car 20-lap qualifier in convincing fashion. Cosper grabbed the top spot coming off turn 2 besting pole sitter Damon Hammond. As Cosper got away, Hammond, Westin Abbey and Zach Riley tried three wide for second. Riley got the short end when he got squeezed into the back stretch wall breaking some front end parts.


Back under green Cosper got ahead of Ryan Powers who took over second on the restart. Powers tried hanging with Cosper giving him a look low near the midway point but Cosper held the spot as the race reached the midway point.


A final restart on lap 14 gave Powers one more shot at Cosper for the lead, but once again it was Cosper holding him off. From there Cosper had it on cruise as he went on to snag the checkers in his Spillman Excavating, Average Joes Performance, Fat Daddys Designs, Brazos Auto Sales, Swenson Shocks, Nortons Automotive, Cedar Cove Speed powered, SCS Chassis.


Tonight's goal was top 6. said Cosper. The racing starts tomorrow with the pole dash. Its always good to start up front, a lot of open track and room to move around, get a feel for the car and where we can improve tomorrow. Too many restarts to count, single file saved me cause I was out of tricks. We redrew 5 for the pole dash, I hope the track is in as good as shape tomorrow as it was tonight.


IMCA Stock Car(Top 12 locked in)

33c Charles Cosper, r12 Ryan Powers, 1b Brandon Hood, 725 BJ Dulock, 98 Peter Delevan, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 116 Damon Hammond, 489 Anthony Otken, 3 Robin Batt, 84x Eric Jones, 3a Matt Hood, 7 Pat Wilson, 12 Westin Abbey, 20t Thomas Hall sr., 47 Juston McCullough, 23x Jared Rady, 03 Markiss Harcrow, 17f John Frydrych, t4 Tony Hamil, 110 Zach Riley, 771 Sam Sovey---dns


IMCA Stock Car heats(top 4 redraw)

Heat 1; 116 Damon Hammond, 110 Zach Riley, 12 Westin Abbey, 489 Anthony Otken, 3a Matt Hood---dq(tech), 03 Markiss Harcrow---dns


Heat 2; 33c Charles Cosper, t4 Tony Hamil, 1a Brandon Hood, 725 BJ Dulock, r12 Ryan Powers, 3 Robin Batt, 17f John Frydrych


Heat 3; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 7 Pat Wilson, 20 Thomas Hall sr, 98 Peter Delevan, 84x Eric Jones, 771 Sam Sovey, 47 Juston McCullough, 23x Jared Rady


Roller Rules Hobby Qualifier

Waco's Andy Roller was the man to beat in the 20-lap IMCA Hobby Stock event. Roller started on the pole and beat Shannon Dulock into turn 1 and then went on to wire the field. Roller built a nice margin by lap five while Dulock and Jeremy Oliver slugged it out for second.


Oliver was finally able to get past Dulock for second, but by that time Roller had built a full straightaway advantage over him. Ever slower traffic didn't deter Roller as he easily took the victory in his Howards Automatic Transmission, Amsiol by Lefty, Southwest Maintenance, Ben's Boat Repair, J&J Carbs, Lambs Muffler, Demon Decals, A&J Custom Paint, Crate powered, Charger Chassis.


Track was great in my eyes, replied Roller. The car was set on cruise control! We're hoping for an identical result tomorrow. I hope we run last tomorrow. We drew a 3 and are in good position for the pole dash.



IMCA Hobby Stocks(Top 12 locked in)

63 Andy Roller, 82 Jeremy Oliver, 47 Shannon Dulock, 75 Wesley Warren, 25b Chayson Bishnow, 32 Joe Williams, 43x Stacey Robinette, 42g Mark, Geurin, 128 Brandon Geurin, 8w3 Hayden Wade, 825 Stephanie Henderson, 21j Jordan Kornegay, 50b Chad Bowman, 8b Max Brazeal, 30e JB Whalley, 44 Damian Snyder, 96 Bobby Joe Sheets, 18 Jeremy Hendrix, 23c Christian Hunt



IMCA Hobby Stock heats(top 5 redraw)

Heat 1; 63 Andy Roller, 75 Wesley Warren, 25b Chayson Bishnow, 32 Joe Williams, 43x Stacey Robinette, 42 Mark Geurin, 21j Jordan Kornegay, 825 Stephanie Henderson, 8w3 Hayden Wade


Heat 2; 47 Shannon Dulock, 82 Jeremy Oliver, 96 Bobby Joe Sheets, 8b Max Brazeal, 44 Damian Snyder, 30e JB Whalley, 23c Christian Hunt, 128 Brandon Geurin---Dns


White Whip 'em in Street Stocks

Wade White(Ghoulson) scored the daily double with both the heat and qualifier win in the Street Stocks. White was chased early by Ed Cox who gave way to James Cochran II in the mid-stages of the 15-lapper. Cox got the spot back in the final laps but couldn't mount a challenge on White as the final laps clicked off.


Street Stocks

68 Wade White, 181x Adam Schwarz, 4 Tommy Kirkpatrick, 5 Bobby Mercer, 1j James Cochran II, 44z Zach Spillman, 6 DL Wilson, 24 Joseph Hunt, 75c Ed Cox---dq(tech-tires)


Street Stock heat winner; 68 Wade White


Hopkins Hustles to Factory Stock Finish

Ryan Hopkins(Waco) became the second driver to take the daily double in the Factory Stock qualifier and heat 2 win. Hopkins used the high groove to get the run off turn 2 and get by Rick Morosky until the red flag waved for hard hit by Thomas Bailey in turn 4. Bailey was alright, but the car, not so much.


On the next start Hopkins beat Morosky into turn 1 and quickly stretched out his lead. While Morosky battled with Doug Andrews for second Hopkins continued to motor away from the field going unchallenged to the checkers.


Factory Stocks

4 Ryan Hopkins, 88 Rick Morosky, 1 Doug Andrews, 45 Ray Kemp jr., 22 Jack Jenkins, 00 Justin Bruce, 25 Michael Gaunet, 124 Jacob Permenter, 194 Dylan Cates, 39 John Fikes, 17b Thomas Bailey


Factory Stock heat winners; 88 Rick Morosky, 4 Ryan Hopkins


Cook Captures Jr Mini Challenge

Young Cameron Cook(Grand Prairie) also bagged a daily double getting the heat and qualifier wins in Jr. Mini Stocks. Cook got out front on green and never looked back leading all 10-laps of the qualifier.


Jr Mini Stocks

04 Cameron Cook, 9 Jake Copeland, 08 Colton Rawls, 10 Casey Brunson, 34w Bradley Warren---dns


Jr Mini Stock heat winner; 04 Cameron Cook

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