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Ryan Gustin captures Lonnie Smith Memorial at Salina Speedway


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Ryan Gustin Captures Lonnie Smith Memorial at Salina Speedway

by Dusty Wiegert

SALINA, Kan. -- After nearly a month off due to the wet weather this season the Salina Speedway finally got back to business on Friday June 19th.

The featured event of the night for the BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Late Models was the Lonnie Smith Memorial race honoring long time racer and promoter Lightnin' Lonnie Smith, who passed away in January. Terry Malm took the first lap lead before "The Reaper" saw his opportunity to take advantage and did so. No one could catch Ryan Gustin as he took home his first ever feature win at the Salina Speedway in dominant fashion. Chris Kratzer would finish a solid second with Lyle "The Hitman" Shepard in third and Scott Phillips in fourth. Gustin and Dusty Leonard won the heat races for the 15-car field.

Justin Kinderknecht pulled away to yet another win in the Auto House Mod Lite division, this time after working his way past Iowa driver Mike Kennedy. Danny Morrison would work his way past Kennedy also for second, with Kennedy third and Mike Zrubek fourth. Morrison and Chad Shartzer won the heat races.

Winning for the second time in a row was Randy Murphy, who took home the hardware in the M&H Motors IMCA Sport Compact division. Paco Montague turned in a solid runner-up performance with David Pfiester and Bailey Glavin finishing out the top four positions. Art Bird won the heat race.

Racing continues next Friday night June 26th. The Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Northern SportMods will make-up their feature event from May 22nd first, followed up with a complete show. Joining them will be the Late Models, 1st Class Chassis IMCA Modifieds, Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stocks, and M&H Motors IMCA Sport Compacts.

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FWD Sports Compact - Heat June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 14B Art Bird

2 15 Randy Murphy

3 72 Tracy Montague

4 6 Bailey Glavin

5 46 David Pfiester

6 9H Art Herzog

7 4 Ashlyn Bird (DNF)

FWD Sports Compact - A Feature June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 15 Randy Murphy

2 72 Tracy Montague

3 46 David Pfiester

4 6 Bailey Glavin

5 9H Art Herzog

6 14B Art Bird

7 4 Ashlyn Bird (DNF)

Mod Lites - Heat 1 June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 14M Danny Morrison

2 Z23 Mike Zrubek

3 1 Nate Ginest

4 B55 Brian Davidson

5 28G Andrue Halpain

6 19 Ryan Ayers (DNF)

7 11 Dano Milleson (DNF)

Mod Lites - Heat 2 June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 56S Chad Shartzer

2 95 Mike Kennedy

3 88C Justin Kinderknecht

4 12H Jeff Hilt

5 60 Cody Kretchmar

6 9G Owen Edwards

7 6 Trace Ayers (DNF)

Mod Lites - A Feature June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 88C Justin Kinderknecht

2 14M Danny Morrison

3 95 Mike Kennedy

4 Z23 Mike Zrubek

5 B55 Brian Davidson

6 1 Nate Ginest

7 6 Trace Ayers

8 19 Ryan Ayers

9 12H Jeff Hilt

10 56S Chad Shartzer

11 60 Cody Kretchmar

12 9G Owen Edwards

13 28G Andrue Halpain

14 11 Dano Milleson (DNF)

Late Models - Heat 1 June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 19R Ryan Gustin

2 55 Chris Kratzer

3 194 Scott Phillips

4 70T Terry Malm

5 2X Lyle Shepard

6 47 Chris Bratcher

7 1TK Trinket Kinderknecht

8 92 Delbert Smith (DNF)

Late Models - Heat 2 June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 7D Dusty Leonard

2 64 Kurt Abell

3 70M Brad Morris

4 49 Wylan Petrie (DNF)

5 86 Eric Main (DNF)

6 92S Daniel Smith (DNF)

7 11B Justin Bussell (DNF)

Late Models - A Feature June 19, 2015

Pos Car # Driver

1 19R Ryan Gustin

2 55 Chris Kratzer

3 2X Lyle Shepard

4 194 Scott Phillips

5 92S Daniel Smith

6 92 Delbert Smith

7 70T Terry Malm

8 47 Chris Bratcher

9 49 Wylan Petrie

10 64 Kurt Abell

11 70M Brad Morris (DNF)

12 1TK Trinket Kinderknecht (DNF)

13 7D Dusty Leonard (DNF)

14 86 Eric Main (DNS)

15 11B Justin Bussell (DNS)

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