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July 3rd - 4th, Race # 4 South Texas Speedway STXSSS Format

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STXSSS July 3rd and 4th South Texas Speedway 2 day show format

Driver Entry Fee for (2) Day Show. ( $ 25.00 ) gets you into both days.

Drivers must be registered in the series like normal to participate. ( $ 40.00 )

Advertised 2 Day Show Purse

1st $750.00 / 2nd $500.00 / 3rd $400.00 / 4th $350.00 / 5th $300.00 / 6th $275.00 / 7th $250.00

8th $225.00 / 9th $200.00 / 10th-24th $150.00 to start

2 Day Purse - $5,500

Friday Format

All drivers will run (2) heat races on Friday only.

All drivers will draw (2) chips that will determine what heat race and starting positions for both races on Friday night.

All drivers will receive finishing position points and passing points from Friday night to determine who the Top 12 drivers are to advance straight into Saturday nights A Main.

All drivers that participate in Friday nights race will receive 20 points that will go toward their championship point totals.

Position points and passing points accumulated on Friday night are only for the sole purpose of qualifying for Saturday night and for lineup purposes.

The highest 12 drivers in total points from Friday night will advance straight into Saturday nights A Main.

All remaining nonqualifiers will need to return Saturday for additional qualifying races.

Saturday Format

Friday night drivers that have qualified will be lined up based on points with high point driver on the pole. Point averages will not be used on 2 Day Shows.

All nonqualified drivers will draw for their B Main starting position. Most likely there will be (2) B Mains.

A total of (10) drivers will qualify from the B Mains making up the Top 22 drivers thus far.

A Last Chance Qualifier will be ran to determine the final 2 starting positions.

We will use our normal points system on Saturday night. All B Mains will be awarded our normal heat race points with no points being awarded in Last Chance Race. Normal Feature and passing points will be awarded for Saturday nights A Main. All nonqualifiers will be awarded 5 event points.

Event Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for the Top 12 qualifying positions. A sponsor can pick 1st - 12th qualifying position and how much they would like to sponsor. We will advertise the sponsor for that qualifying position and during out of car introductions we will recognize both driver and sponsor for the position on Saturday Night.

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Heat Race Points

1st - 20 pts, 2nd - 15 pts, 3rd - 10 pts, 4th - 9 pts, 5th - 8 pts, 6th - 7 pts, 7th - 6 pts, 8th - 5 pts.


No points awarded to B Mains qualifiers


All B Main non qualifiers receive 5 pts


Feature Points

1st - 200 pts, 2nd - 190 pts, 3rd - 180 pts, 4th - 170 pts, 5th - 160 pts, 6th - 150 pts, 7th - 140 pts, 8th - 130 pts, 9th - 120 pts, 10th - 110 pts, 11th - 100 pts, 12th - 95 pts, 13th - 90 pts, 14th - 85 pts, 15th - 80 pts, 16th - 75 pts, 17th - 70 pts, 18th - 65 pts, 19th - 60 pts, 20th - 55 pts, 21st - 50 pts, 22nd - 45 pts, 23rd - 40 pts, 24th - 35 pts, 25th - 30 pts, 26th - 25 pts, 27th - 20 pts, 28th - 15 pts, 29th - 10pts, 30th - 5 pts.


Passing Points

2 Points are awarded to each driver for every position advanced from starting position to finishing position during the feature event only. Your starting position is determined after drivers drops to the back prior to the start of the feature event.

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