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C.J. Johnson Takes URSS Honors at DCRP


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C.J. Johnson Takes URSS Honors at DCRP

by Lonnie Wheatley


DODGE CITY, Kan. (June 6, 2015) C.J. Johnson became the third different Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Car winner in as many events after being awarded Saturday nights 25-lap United Rebel Sprint Series feature victory atop the 3/8-mile Dodge City Raceway Park clay oval.

The Quinter, KS, shoe picked up the win after apparent winner Ray Seemann was unable to successfully complete post-race technical inspection.

While Johnson captured his first DCRP win since topping the 360-ci portion of last Julys Steve King Memorial, Jesse Richter put a stop to Clay Sellards run of perfection in IMCA Modifieds, Clay Money captured IMCA Sport Modified honors, Michael Pepper snared his third IMCA Stock Car win of the season and Cody Williams took the top spot in IMCA Hobby Stocks as a total of 120 cars filled the pit area.

After winning his heat race, Lady Luck was on Johnsons side after starting seventh in the URSS/Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Car feature.

With Tracey Hill pacing the early rounds, Johnson was fifth after four laps when defending URSS champ Jake Bubak clipped an infield tire and slid to a stop exiting turn four.

Jeremy Huish slipped by Keefe Hemel on the restart, only to miss the preferred groove several laps later and lose a half-dozen positions. Hemel did the same thing two laps later, opening the door for Johnson to climb to third behind Hill and Seemann after ten laps.

Getting into traffic, Hill bobbled briefly in turn two on the 14th lap to allow Seemann and Johnson to close in. The next time around, Hill lost power exiting turn two and came to a stop a half lap later to bring out the second and final caution.

Seemann assumed command on the restart then successfully fought off Johnsons advances through traffic in the final circuits to get to the checkered flag just two car-lengths ahead of Johnson. But when Seemann failed post-race technical inspection, Johnson moved up one more spot to take the winners share.

Starting alongside Johnson in the fourth row, Zach Blurton worked his way forward as well to earn runner-up honors with current URSS Kansas points leader Jed Werner filling out the podium in third.

J.D. Johnson advanced from 11th to fourth with Taylor Velasquez rounding out the top five. The rest of the top ten for the 29-car field included Luke Cranston, Keefe Hemel, Koby Walters, Jordan Randles and Huish.

In the 20-lap IMCA Modified main event, Great Bends Jesse Richter slipped past Joe Cleveland on the third round then held off some late pressure from Cleveland Cody Gearhart to snare his first DCRP win of the year.

Richter paced the final 18 rounds of the non-stop affair, although Cleveland made one last-ditch effort on the final round. Working forward from 13th after winning the B Main, Gearhart was up to fifth by the midway point then took third on the white-flag lap before trying to make a move for the win on the final circuit.

Austin Allen crossed the stripe fourth with Dylan Sherfick climbing from 12th to round out the top five.

Penokees Clay Money continued his DCRP success by rallying from 12th to win the 20-lap IMCA Sport Modified main event.

A winner of two DCRP features last year including the Inaugural Sport Modified Mayhem event, Money needed just nine laps to take the lead away from Matthew Crowell before leading the rest of the way.

Money raced to the stripe ahead of Mike Appel, who held off Jeff Kaup for runner-up honors. After leading the opening round, Kamren Gruber crossed the stripe fourth with Tristan Barton racing from 13th to round out the top five.

In IMCA Stock Car action, Lakins Michael Pepper reeled off his third win in four tries by topping the 20-lapper.

Pepper chased Randy Dowell for nine laps before taking command for keeps at the midway point. Pepper was chased to the line by Dowell with B.J. Wagoner working his way up to third with Marlin Hogie and Jeff Tubbs rounding out the top five.

In the 20-lap IMCA Hobby Stock main event, Cody Williams made a late move around Matt OHair to snare his first DCRP win of the year.

OHair gunned into the lead at the outset from the front row outside starting position with Williams into second in short order. Williams kept the pressure on throughout and took quick advantage of one OHair bobble in turn four on the 18th round to take command.

Williams beat OHair to the line with Cody Davis, Kyle Pfeifer and Duane Wahrman rounding out the top five.

Action continues at Dodge City Raceway Park next Saturday night, June 13, with a full slate of championship chase action including Precise Racing Products DCRP Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and IMCA Hobby Stocks.

Dodge City Raceway Park June 6 Results:

URSS Sprint Cars:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 2j-Zach Blurton, 2. 11-Keefe Hemel, 3. 49-Kris Moore, 4. 007-Jordan Randles, 5. 10-Jordan Knight, 6. 91-Christian Schriver, 7. 911-Ty Williams, 8. 9d-Lance Davis.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 20-Luke Cranston, 2. 9x-Jake Bubak, 3. 21x-Taylor Velasquez, 4. 98-J.D. Johnson, 5. 30c-Barry Crane, 6. 97-Brian Herbert, 7. 11k-Tyler Knight.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 45x-C.J. Johnson, 2. 50-Jed Werner, 3. 33-Koby Walters, 4. 1x-Cody Lampe, 5. 17-Connor Atkinson, 6. 9b-Darren Bowman, 7. E85-Kade Hagans.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 28-Tracey Hill, 2. 72-Ray Seemann, 3. 88j-Jeremy Huish, 4. 7r-Beau Ricke, 5. 44-Clint Schubert, 6. 18-Brandon Sprott, 7. 3-Ryan Walters.

B Main (12 Laps): 1. 98-J.D. Johnson, 2. 33-Koby Walters, 3. 49-Kris Moore, 4. 30c-Barry Crane, 5. 911-Ty Williams, 6. 17-Connor Atkinson, 7. 007-Jordan Randles, 8. 97-Brian Herbert, 9. 7r-Beau Ricke, 10. 44-Clint Schubert, 11. 11k-Tyler Knight, 12. 1x-Cody Lampe, 13. 9b-Darren Bowman, 14. 9d-Lance Davis, 15. E85-Kade Hagans, 16. 10-Jordan Knight, 17. 18-Brandon Sprott, 18. 3-Ryan Walters. DNS: 91-Christian Schriver.

A Main (25 Laps): 1. 45x-C.J. Johnson, 2. 2j-Zach Blurton, 3. 50-Jed Werner, 4. 98-J.D. Johnson, 5. 21x-Taylor Velasquez, 6. 20-Luke Cranston, 7. 11-Keefe Hemel, 8. 33-Koby Walters, 9. 007-Jordan Randles, 10. 88j-Jeremy Huish, 11. 49-Kris Moore, 12. 911-Ty Williams, 13. 30c-Barry Crane, 14. 44-Clint Schubert, 15. 17-Connor Atkinson, 16. 97-Brian Herbert, 17. 28-Tracey Hill, 18. 9x-Jake Bubak, 19. 7r-Beau Ricke, 20. 72-Ray Seemann (DQ).

IMCA Modifieds:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 25x-Scott Green, 2. M15-Mike Martin, 3. 85c-Clay Sellard, 4. 1m-Cody Gearhart, 5. 57-Joel Lane, 6. K98-Danny Keller, 7. 44T-Tanner Black, 8. 01-Jesse Smith.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 18-Austin Allen, 2. 7L-Nate Moore, 3. 88j-Jack Kirchoff, 4. 29b-Briar Oelkers, 5. 727-Todd Schwarz, 6. 52-Clayton Hogie, 7. 2L-Tracy Link, 8. 01x-Beau Davis.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 2-Joe Cleveland, 2. 66d-Dylan Sherfick, 3. 3h-Ryan Heger, 4. 1n-Nick Link, 5. 16-Kevin Gray, 6. 64-Jimmy Brozek, 7. 25-Kale Beavers.

Heat Four (8 Laps): 1. 8r-Jesse Richter, 2. 25p-Mike Petersilie, 3. 7n-William Nusser, 4. 22k-Brad Keller, 5. 2g-Grant Junghans, 6. 23s-Heath Myers, 7. B21-Chadd Brown.

B Main (15 Laps): 1. 1m-Cody Gearhart, 2. 57-Joel Lane, 3. 16-Kevin Gray, 4. 22k-Brad Keller, 5. K98-Danny Keller, 6. 64-Jimmy Brozek, 7. 2g-Grant Junghans, 8. 44T-Tanner Black, 9. 01x-Beau Davis, 10. 727-Todd Schwarz, 11. 01-Jesse Smith, 12. 25-Kale Beavers, 13. 1n-Nick Link, 14. 29b-Brian Oelkers, 15. B21-Chadd Brown, 16. 2L-Tracy Link, 17. 23s-Heath Myers. DNS: 52-Clayton Hogie.

A Main (20 Laps): 1. 8r-Jesse Richter, 2. 2-Joe Cleveland, 3. 1m-Cody Gearhart, 4. 18-Austin Allen, 5. 66d-Dylan Sherfick, 6. 25x-Scott Green, 7. 85c-Clay Sellard, 8. 7L-Nate Moore, 9. 7n-William Nusser, 10. 25p-Mike Petersilie, 11. 57-Joel Lane, 12. M15-Mike Martin, 13. 44T-Tanner Black, 14. 16-Kevin Gray, 15. 64-Jimmy Brozek, 16. 88j-Jack Kirchoff, 17. 2-Joe Cleveland, 18. 22k-Brad Keller, 19. K98-Danny Keller, 20. 3h-Rya Heger.

IMCA Sport Modifieds:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 18-Kyle Wiens, 2. 33d-Brendon Damon, 3. 7-Clay Money, 4. 11-Jason Dove, 5. 81T-Tristan Barton, 6. 40s-Ryan Stevenson, 7. 2r-Adrian Ramirez, 8. 7j-Jamie French, 9. 33k-Jason Lunow.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 8-Brian May, 2. 92-Jeff Kaup, 3. 2c-Matthew Crowell, 4. 12-Kevin Tabor, 5. 3-Gage Coen, 6. 55d-Don Strecker, 7. 40d-Steve Dent, 8. 85-Brad Johnson.

Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 65j-Josh Appel, 2. 37-Bart Baker, 3. 27g-Kamren Gruber, 4. 56m-Mike Appel, 5. 2m-Angel Munoz, 6. 6m-Madison Reed, 7. 25c-Darren Coyle. DNS: 22p-Michael Pepper.

A Main (20 Laps): 1. 7-Clay Money, 2. 56m-Mike Appel, 3. 92-Jeff Kaup, 4. 27g-Kamren Gruber, 5. 81T-Tristan Barton, 6. 40s-Ryan Stevenson, 7. 2c-Matthew Crowell, 8. 65j-Josh Appel, 9. 18-Kyle Wiens, 10. 12-Kevin Tabor, 11. 11-Jason Dove, 12. 37-Bart Baker, 13. 40d-Steve Dent, 14. 3-Gage Coen, 15. 6m-Madison Reed, 16. 25c-Darren Coyle, 17. 8-Brian May, 18. 55d-Don Strecker, 19. 2m-Angel Munoz, 20. 85-Brad Johnson, 21. 33d-Brendon Damon, 22. 2r-Adrian Ramirez, 23. 33k-Jason Lunow. DNS: 7j-Jamie French, 22p-Michael Pepper.

IMCA Stock Cars:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 22p-Michael Pepper, 2. D44-Randy Dowell, 3. 51w-B.J. Wagoner, 4. 57-Dalton Bauer, 5. 24c-Brandon Conkwright, 6. 2x-Trevor Schmidt, 7. 6m-Jason McIntyre, 8. 3-Chris Oliver.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 33-Marlin Hogie, 2. 37x-Jeff Tubbs, 3. 58-Kyle Tillery, 4. 55h-Ron Hartman, 5. 11j-Justin Lewis, 6. 19-Brett Copeland, 7. 95-Tyler Tipton.

A Main (20 Laps): 1. 22p-Michael Pepper, 2. D44-Randy Dowell, 3. 51w-B.J. Wagoner, 4. 33-Marlin Hogie, 5. 37x-Jeff Tubbs, 6. 57-Dalton Bauer, 7. 95-Tyler Tipton, 8. 55h-Ron Hartman, 9. 58-Kyle Tillery, 10. 11j-Justin Lewis, 11. 6m-Jason McIntyre, 12. 19-Brett Copeland, 13. 3-Chris Oliver, 14. 24c-Brandon Conkwright, 15. 2x-Trevor Schmidt.

IMCA Hobby Stocks:

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 54p-Kyle Pfeifer, 2. 77-Cody Williams, 3. 17-Will Bauer, 4. 2m-Matt OHair, 5. 42m-Zach McLemore, 6. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 7. 32r-Oscar Runyon, 8. 51-Clint Long, 9. 7h-Corey Hacker, 10. 26T-Travis McLemore, 11. 28x-Jace Smith.

Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 2-Jason Cleveland, 2. 91d-Cody Davis, 3. 711-Brady Bencken, 4. 17w-Duane Wahrman, 5. 27-Tommy Fose, 6. 22ss-Shay Simoneau, 7. 44b-David Berger, 8. 21-Brian Stitch, 9. 15e-Elliott May, 10. 7-Tom Reed.

A Main (20 Laps): 1. 77-Cody Williams, 2. 2m-Matt OHair, 3. 91d-Cody Davis, 4. 54p-Kye Pfeifer, 5. 17w-Duane Wahrman, 6. 22ss-Shay Simoneau, 7. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 8. 2s-Reagan Sellard, 9. 27-Tommy Fose, 10. 28x-Jace Smith, 11. 32r-Oscar Runyon, 12. 51-Clint Long, 13. 711-Brady Bencken, 14. 44b-David Berger, 15. 17-Will Bauer, 16. 7-Tom Reed, 17. 15e-Elliott May, 18. 7h-Corey Hacker, 19. 42m-Zach McLemore. DNS: 21-Brian Stitch, 26T-Travis McLemore.

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