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Outlaws' Doc Living Rock Star Dreams

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Outlaws' Doc Living Rock Star Dreams


Star of 'Street Outlaws' ready to race and meet fans at MIR



MILINGTON, Tenn. (June 4) - When James "Doc" Love was growing up in Oklahoma, he loved rock music and fast cars.




"I wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to be the lead guitarist in a rock band," Doc said. "Realistically it was a pipe dream. It was a kid's dream."




While the guitar thing didn't work out, that love of fast cars has. Doc is one of stars the Discovery channel show "Street Outlaws." He joins co-stars Derek, Monza and Dominator racing at Memphis International Raceway (MIR) Friday and Saturday night (June 5 and 6).





James "Doc" Love and his trusty car The Street Beast will be racing against three other 'Street Outlaws' at MIR.

Thanks to the show and its devoted fan base, Doc has been able to live


some of those teenage dreams at track appearances such as this


weekend's Catch the Outlaws.




"Here I am, 46 years old and I'm living the American dream. I'm racing my car on TV," Doc said. "I feel like an absolute rock star for the first time in my life. The ratings and number reports we get (for the show) don't hit home as much as seeing the fans does.




"You can't feel those ratings numbers, but when the fans are standing in line just to meet you and take a picture with you, it's the best feeling in the world. The fans are absolutely the reason why we do this."




Doc even got to practice his autograph.




"For the first few months it was pretty much my actual signature," Doc said. "I go by 'Doc' and everybody knows me by that name, so when I was signing things 'James Love' nobody knew who that was. I had to come up with a 'Doc Love' signature that looks cool and that the fans can see and remember.


"I had to work on it, but I've come up with a pretty decent autograph now."




Doc and the other Outlaws will be available to sign plenty of autographs for fans throughout the weekend. Gates for Catch the Outlaws open at 6 p.m. each night. The Outlaws will race three times a night between 8 p.m. and midnight with free autograph sessions throughout the evening.




For racers who want to take to the track alongside the show's stars, there will be a $100 bounty awarded each night for the street legal car with the quickest ET.




On Saturday June 6, with the purchase of the $20 tech card each racer receives a free entry into either the Box or No Box Gambler's Race. Payout to the winner in each race will be $1,000 with $500 to the runner-up, $75 to the semifinal losers and $50 to the drivers knocked out in the quarters. There will be a $30 buyback for first and second round. Time trials for that race get under way at 7 p.m.




Admission to the event is $20 for racers and spectators with children 12 and under free. A two-day pass for spectators is $30.


For more information regarding MIR, please visit www.RaceMIR.com, call (901)-WOW-Race or follow us at www.Facebook.com/RaceMIR or @RaceMIR on Twitter and Instagram.

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