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Coors Light TALMS Birthday Bash!


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Is it race day yet????!!!!!!!


It has been long enough! I know all of you Limited Modified drivers are going stir crazy with all the cancellations!


Well the time has come to release your pent up need for speed!!!!!!


Saturday May 30th! CC Speedway!!!!!


I'm ready for the Coors Light TALMS Birthday Bash presented by BackwoodsSaloon Ingleside


Special Thanks to Sames Ford for coming on board as well!!!


They will be providing the beautiful Ford pace truck!


Also big thanks to Joe Aramendia and Tony Sirrizotti for putting up some extra money for the purse!


TALMS Purse for May 30th










$125 on down.




Thanks to Jon Hutchinson and Jeff Norskow there is $150 put on top of the purse for the highest finishing car with 3 dirt tires on. Right rear allowed to be an F75.


Here is what the highest finishing eligible car can win.










9-24-$275 on down!


Expected Entries for the Coors Light TALMS Birthday Bash


May 30th CC Speedway


2 Kimsey Davis

9 Steve Riojas

11 Gary Box

14D Derek Legg

17 Donald Krahn

19 Sam Duncan

21 Eric Ramos

22 Devon Frazier

23 Cody Limerick

25 Tyler Box

29 Billy Becka

33 Greg Carlucci Jr.

51 Rocky Mize

64 Abel Arredondo

71 Bart Wilcox

72 Manny Trevino

74S John Sliney

76 Michael Carlock

79 Cody Beddoe

82 Anthony Monroe

87 Marcus Mikulencak

95 Larry Lewis

96 John Heil

97 John Witzsche

101 Tanner Whitmire

116 Damon Hammond

123 Chuck Perry

125 Jason Campbell

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