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Heeney, Monge, Long and Rosell Take Memorial Weekend Spartan Wins

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Heeney, Monge, Long and Rosell Take Memorial Weekend Spartan wins

By Duane Turner


Mason, MI: With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Spartan Speedway took the opportunity to honor our fallen Veterans, and provide some great racing. Fighting with light rain most of the evening, the weather would hold off just long enough to complete the racing program. Tyler Heeney, Tony Monge, Dane Long and Daryl Rosell scored the main event victories.

The Boss Snow Equipment B feature would kick things off with Shelby Gokee bringing the field to the green flag. Shane Snow jumped out to the early lead with Troy Andrews and Ken Dollarhite Jr in tow. Carter Trudgeon would slide in to third on the fourth circuit, and quickly put pressure on the top two. With eight laps in, the field would tighten up with Wayne Parkhurst joining the lead pack, and making it three wide for the lead. At the half way mark, the top five were still racing side by side. Andrews would take the point one lap later, with Laura Beckner, and William Hartman also joining the lead pack. Hartman would take advantage and moved in to second on lap 17. Beckner to third one lap later. At the finish, Andrews would take the win, with Beckner, Hartman, Parkhurst, and Snow in the top five of the non-stop 25 lap event. Andrews would later be disqualified for failing post race inspection.

The 25-lap A feature would see Brian Boesel take the early lead, and pull away as the field raced side by side behind him. With ten laps in, Tyler Heeney would pull even with Boesel, and finish the pass two laps later. As Heeney stretched out his lead, the battle for second would take place with Wayne Beckner Jr and Brian Beckner joining Boesel. At the finish, Heeney would win with Boesel, Wayne Beckner Jr, Brian Beckner, and Ryan Gordon the top five.

The Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends would take to the 1/4 mile next, with Tony Monge taking the early lead. Mason Ludwig would be second, but lose the position to Greg Rudzik on the second lap. Mitchell Huber would take third from Ludwig on lap 10. Ludwig would not go away, and would reclaim third two laps later when Huber slipped in turn four. With the laps winding down, Rudzik would reel in Monge, but would run out of time as Monge continued his dominance in the legend division. Rudzik would settle for second, with Ludwig in third.

The Lipari Foods Spartan Stock C Feature started with Mike wines taking the early point. Tony Williams would take the top spot on lap five, and David Kelly would follow in to second one lap later. On a lap three restart, Kelley would get the jump and take the lead and would pull away to take the feature win. Williams would take second, with Wines in third.

Tim Lahar would lead the opening lap in the 30-lap Lipari Foods Spartan Stock B-feature. Brian Boesel would settle in to second, with a five-car battle for third. Jesse Collinge would take over second on a lap four restart, with Brandon Biddinger following in to third. Collinge would take the point on lap 12, but Lahar and Biddinger would pace. At the half way mark, Biddinger would slip high, allowing Marc Long to take over third. With ten to go, Collinge would begin to pull away, while a battle for second was brewing behind him. Three laps later, Long would take over second, and set his sights on Collinge. With the white flag waving, Long would catch Collinge, but would have to settle for second. Lahar would hold on for third.

The 40 lap A feature for the Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks would race two by two for the opening two laps. When the dust settled, Tim Sharpe Jr would pace the field. On lap five, Greg Studt would take the lead with a low side pass in turn four. Pat Dent would follow in to second. At lap 10, Dent would take command, as Damon Place and Dane Long would move in to the lead group. Long would take over third just a few laps later, but lose it to Place a lap later when his car broke loose in turn two. Studt would break on lap 17, moving Place and Long in to the top three. At the half way point, Place would nose ahead for the lead. Place and Dent would continue to race side by side with Long in third. Dent would retake the lead, and long would follow in to second at lap 25. A couple laps later, Long would move to the high-side and challenge Dent for the lead. Long would finally take the lead on lap 29, and would lead the final 11 laps with Dent finishing a close second. Jordan Harvey would settle for third.

The enduro figure 8's would start with Jimmy Bass taking the early lead. Josh Delong would give chase in second, with a smoking Daryl Rosell in third. Delong would take the point on lap four, and would quickly pull away. At lap ten, Bass would close back in on the rear bumper of Delong. Bass would retire from the event a couple laps later, moving Hugh Brayton in to third. At the half way mark, Delong had built up a half lap lead over Rosell. Calamity ensued when Rosell had intersection contact, and then leader Delong was caught up in it as well, but both were able to recover. With ten laps to go, Delong would break handing the lead to Rosell who is still smoking, and with front-end damage. With just 2 laps remaining, second place Justin Pepitone made hard contact with the turn one wall bringing out the red flag. On the restart, Rosell held on for the win, with Matt Sairls and Brayton in the top three.

Up next for "The Track The Stars Call Home", a return to Friday nights on May 29th. Sawyer Chevrolet Spartan Sprints will be on hand with Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks, Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks, Sawyers Chevrolet Superstore Michigan legends, and The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros. For more information, log on to the official website at www.spartanspeedway.com, or their Facebook page a www.facebook.com/spartan.speedway.

Event Summery:

Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends

Heat Race #1: 1) 92 Tony Monge 2) 17 Greg Rudzik 3) 31 Mason Ludwig 4) 23 Mitchell Huber 5) 71 Lyn Hall 6) 93 Mike Myers 7) Lori Hall

Feature: 1) 92 Tony Monge 2) 17 Greg Rudzik 3) 31 Mason Ludwig 4) 23 Mitchell Huber 5) 71 Lyn Hall 6) 93 Mike Myers 7) 72 Lori Hall

Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks

Qualifications: 1) 7l Dane Long 14.090 2) 24 Damon Place 14.180 3) 7 Jordan Harvey 14.277 4) 33 Greg Studt 14.292 5) 6 Pat Dent 14.312 6) 17 Tim Sharpe Jr 14.463 7) 07 Dale Spenser 14.521 8) 55 Robby Johnston 14.557 9) 48 Craig Stephens 14.725 10) 5w Mike Westphal 14.798 11) 7 Marc Long 14.908 12) 25 Jesse Collinge 14.919 13) 21 Brian Biddinger 14.986 14) 69 Mike Ammerman 15.001 15) 131 Brian Whipple 15.025 16) 20 Joe Biddinger 15.101 17) 74 James Gokee Jr 18) 20 Tim Lahar 15.141 19) 33 Brian Boesel 15.145 20) 31 Rick Gokee Sr 15.276 21) 44 Tom Freeman Jr 15.295 22) 11 David Kelley 23) 5 Pete Shong 15.625 24) 97 Anthony Williams 15.665 25) 10 Evan Jenks 15.852 26) 24 Mike Wines 16.045

C-Feature: 1) 11 David Kelley 2) 97 Tony Williams 3) 24 Mike Wines 4) 10 Evan Jenks 5) 5 Pete Shong 6) 31 Rick Gokee Sr

B-Feature: 1) 25 Jesse Collinge 2) 7 Marc Long 3) 20 Joe Biddinger 4) 5w Mike Westphal 5) 21 Brandon Biddinger 6) 69 Mike Ammerman 7) 74 James Gokee Jr 8) 33 Brian Boesel 9) 131 Brian Whipple 10) 20 Tim Lahar 11) 44 Tom Freeman Jr

A-Feature: 1) 7l Dane Long 2) 6 Pat Dent 3) 07 Jordan Harvey 4) 17 Tim Sharpe Jr 5) 48 Craig Stephens 6) 24 Damon Place 7) 55 Robby Johnston 8) 07 Dale Spenser 9) 33 Greg Studt

Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks

Qualifications: 1) 18 Tyler Heeney 16.279 2) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 16.389 3) 21 Ryan Gordon 16.440 4) 11 Brian Beckner 16.464 5) 17 DJ Marciniak 16.549 6) 7 Lex Jarecki 16.588 7) 5 Ryan Hollister 16.604 8) 57 John Ward 16.613 9) 33 Brian Boesel 16.614 10) 13 Wayne Parkhurst II 16.781 11) 9 Laura Beckner 16.785 12) 30 William Hartman 16.799 13) 21 Carter Trudgeon 16.944 14) 95 Thomas Logie 16.995 15) 27 Josh Finner 17.112 16) 15 Jerry King 17.113 17) 1 Troy Andrews 17.128 18) 942 Ken Dollarhite Jr 17.157 19) 01 Shane Snow 17.272 20) x15 Shelby Gokee 17.559

B-Feature: 1) 9 Laura Beckner 2) 30 William Hartman 3) 13 Wayne Parkhurst II 4) 01 Shane Snow 5) 15 Jerry King 6) 21 Carter Trudgeon 7) 95 Thomas Logie 8) x15 Shelby Gokee 9) 942 Ken Dollarhite Jr 10) 1 Tyler Andrews DQ 11) Josh Finner dns

A-Feature 1) 18 Tyler Heeney 2) 33 Brian Boesel 3) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 4) 11 Brian Beckner 5) 21 Ryan Gordon 6) 57 John Ward 7) 17 DJ Marciniak 8) 5 Ryan Hollister 9) 7 Lex Jarecki

Enduro Figure 8's

1) 89 Daryl Rosell 2) 25 Matt Sairls 3) 26 Hugh Brayton 4) 24 Tim Hurrell 5) 948 Justin Pepitone 6) 91 Dominic Shauver 7) 067 Josh Delong 8) 69 Josh Shepard 9) 621 Mike Gauthian 10 ) 116 Jimmy Bass

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