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Classes Running Saturday Night 5/23/15

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The classes running Saturday night are the classes posted on our schedule. These classes were selected over 6 months ago as an agreement with Ken, this was in support of the STS Memorial race. Do to an unforeseen amount of rain, it's unfortunate that Ken had to cancel his races. So, now the talk is everyone wants to race at SOS. As much as we would love to accommodate every car in every class , at this time we are not adding any classes. With the Sprint cars, 3 support classes are sufficient so we don't push into an all night show.


Answers to general questions:


1. Can Limited Modifieds run with the Modifieds? No


2. Can Street Stocks or SOS classics run with Limited Late Models? Read the Limited Late Model rules and if you can run within those rules, yes. If you can not run within those rules the answer is No.


3. Will SOS race Friday or Sunday night to give everyone a race? No, because my work schedule will not allow for that to happen.





Keith Stacy


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