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Allen, Stroman takes Tx World Dirt Track Championship Prelim wins 5/15

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14th Annual Port-a-Cool Texas World Dirt Track Nationals @ TMS Dirt Track 5/15-16/15

By J M Hallas


Fort Worth, TX.,(May 15th, 2015) Sporting a new date, Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track hosted its fourteenth annual Port-a-Cool, Texas World Dirt Track Nationals. While nearly every other area track suffered weekend rain outs, the TMS Dirt Track crews had the 4/10 mile, semi-banked, dirt surface ready to race.


Nearly 100 Limited Modifieds and 75 Modifieds showed up from eight states, including as far away as Florida to compete for the purse, prestige and cowboy hat awaiting the winners of Saturday nights A-main events. A couple dozen SUPR Late Models were also on hand for some early practice before Saturday's program.


It was an interesting combination of cars that included several past TMS Dirt Track winners, USMTS National Champions, an IMCA Champion and numerous local track champions.


Modifieds and Limited Modifieds competed in heats, C and B Qualifiers, capped off with an A-Qualifier for each class locking in the top eight from each. Those not already transferred will have another chance to make the show on Saturday, while the SUPR Late Models will run a complete program.


Allen Aces Modified A-Qualifier

Local chassis builder, Chase Allen(Midlothian) showed his prowess as a driver going flag to flag in the 15-lap, 24-car A-qualifier. Allen was chased early by USMTS National champ, Ryan Gustin then a past TMS Dirt Track race winner, Clyde Dunn jr. Tristan Dycus made a late run after Allen hooked a turn 4 rut and gave up ground to both Dycus and Dunn.


The initial start was aborted and on the second try it was Gustin first into to turn 1. Allen got along side and past Gustin in turns 3-4 to lead lap 1. Gustin fell in second with Gene Weaver, Dunn and Dycus in the top five. Dunn got by Weaver for second leaving him three wide with Dycus and Dennie Gieber. The yellow waved on lap 4 when Wes Armstrong slapped the turn 4 wall.


On the restart it was Jason Hughes making a big move past Steve McMackin and Corey Babbitt for the final transfer spot. Dunn took over second from Gustin, followed by Dycus a lap later. Hughes continued his march forward getting by Weaver. Giebers night ended when he also got into trouble in turn 4.


Hughes made a big run up top on the restart, but debris on the track negated his passes. As green finally waved Allen was away clean while Dycus and Dunn were wheel to wheel for second. In the pack, Steve Whiteaker jr., Sean Jones and Nick Clinkenbeard were three wide for eighth. Dycus finally got second on lap 10, but Dunn fought back getting along side the following lap.


With two to go Allen finally made a slight mistake clipping a rut in turn 4. This gave Dycus and Dunn a run on the leader, with Hughes sniffing around for an opening. Allen, in the McGuire Trucking, Dirt Defender, Platinum Cleaning, Fox Shocks, Dave Leech Construction, Abilene Racing Rads, Fat Daddys Designs, 41 Shocks, Lee Walker, Original Corn Roast, TASCO Inc., Mark Herring Race Engines, CAM Chassis, got righted and held on the final two circuits with Hughes sneaking past Dunn on the final lap for third.


Chase Allen(930) goes around Justin McNeil in early action


I'm tired, exclaimed Allen. I raced both classes tonight and I'm really out shape. That's hard on a fat boy. I've got the best car owner(Pat McGuire) and sponsors I could have. They are the only reason that I'm able to race.


Modifieds(Top 8 locked in for Saturday)

930 Chase Allen, Midlothian, 14t Tristan Dycus, Alvarado, 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Ok., 88xxx Clyde Dunn jr., Sunnyvalle, 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Ia., 12x Corey Babbitt, Houston, 24 Sean Jones, Mansfield, 2x Gene Weaver, Amarillo, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., Corpus Christi, 26 Dean Abbey, Roanoke, 56 Troy Taylor, Midlothian, 41m Steve McMackin, Greenville, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, Weatherford, 34n CA Nix, Lawton, Ok., 16 Chris Henigan, Marshall, 2c Chris Huckeba, Midlothian, 7d Austin Theiss, Hockley, 23g Robbie Gaines, Homestead, Fla., 49s Caleb Shown, Hooks, 68 Brandon Watson, Denison, 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Ok., 33 Dennie Geiber, Frankston, 54 Billy Brierton, Greenville, 57 Wes Armstrong, Marshall


Modified B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1; 24 Sean Jones, 16 Chris Henigan, 57 Wes Armstrong, 7d Austin Theiss, 97 Cade Dillard, 77 Garrett Gregory, 75 Patrik Daniel, 38 Ronnie Gould, 99 Jeff Needham, 7jr Chad Ewell, 29 Jamie Campbell, 88w Kyle Sweeney, 76n Nicholas Littlejohn, 47 Jack Sartain, 10 George White, 13g David Goode sr., 50 Matt Guillaume, 89x John Nemetz, 21d Ed Dunn, 1st Johnny Scott, 07 Jason Hilliard, 134 Michael Walker---dns, 121 Bobby Ruffin---dns, c8 Timothy Culp---dns, 127 Glen Hibbard---dns, 51x Rusty Travathan jr---dns


B-main 2; 56 Troy Taylor, 68 Brandon Watson, 34n CA Nix, 2c Chris Huckeba, 410 Brad Doherty, 12k Kyle Whitworth, 14z Zach McMillan, 00 Terry Baker, 22 Ralo Pilkington, 4f Fred Wojtek, 751 Rusty Trevathan sr, 32 Doug Byrns, 9k Kirk Acord, 8 Roger Harrison, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 75x Brandon Reigle, 49 Robert Ward, 5* Casey Penn, 5w John Whittington, 34x Noah Daspit, 189 Justin McNeil---dns, 91j Jeremy Montgomery---dns, 34 Mickey Lassiter---dns, 8x Skip O'Neal---dns, 35 Chris Cole---dns



Modified Heats(Top 16 in passing points transfer)

Heat 1; 88xxx Clyde Dunn jr., 12 Jason Hughes, 5t Randy Timms, 99 Jeff Needham, 97 Cade Dillard, 22 Ralo Pilkington, 00 Terry Baker, 8x Skip O'Neal, 76n Nicholas Littlejohn, 35 Chris Cole---dns


Heat 2; 14t Tristan Dycus, 19r Ryan Gustin, 68 Brandon Watson, 57 Wes Armstrong, 38 Ronnie Gould, 50 Matt Guillaume, 47 Jack Sartain, 13g David Goode sr, 9k Kirk Acord, 21d Ed Dunn


Heat 3; 41m Steve McMackin, 23g Robbie Gaines, 7d Austin Theiss, 34n CA Nix, 75 Patrik Daniel, 7jr Chad Ewell, 89x John Nemetz, 75x Brandon Reigle, 5* Casey Penn


Heat 4; 33 Dennie Geiber, 26 Dean Abbey, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 14z Zach McMillan, 8 Roger Harrison, 89 Justin McNeil, 34 Mickey Lassiter, 751 Rusty Trevathan jr, 121 Bobby Ruffin


Heat 5; 12x Corey Babbitt, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr, 56 Troy Taylor, 2c Chris Huckeba, 5w John Whittington, 24 Sean Jones, 07 Jason Hilliard, f4 Fred Wojtek, 29 Jamie Campbell


Heat 6; 930 Chase Allen, 10 George White, 16 Chris Henigan, 1st Johnny Scott, 410 Brad Doherty, 88w Kyle Sweeney, Jerry Frydrych13, 77 Garrett Gregory, 32 Doug Byrns


Heat 7; 49s Caleb Shown, 2x Gene Weaver, 54 Billy Brierton, 12k Kyle Whitworth, 91j Jeremy Montgomery, 49 Robert Ward, 51x Rusty Trevathan sr, 34x Noah Daspit, 127 Glen Hibbard---dns


Stroman Strides in Limited Modifieds

New Boston's RJ Stroman strutted his stuff in the 24-car, 15-lap Limited Modified A-qualifier. After several attempts, Stroman led Jimmy Day into turn 1 for the lead. Stroman would built a slight margin over J. Day who closed during an early restart. As the race resumed Stroman kept J. Day and Chase Allen, doing double duty, out of challenging range as he scored the win in the Pughs Auto Salvage, SMD Signs, Dupont Racing Shocks, Best Engines, Mopar powered, Big Chief Chassis.


After three failed attempts at a start, the field was sorted out single file, Stroman led J. Day, Randy Timms, Tommy Davis jr. and Jeff Autry on lap 1. As Timms broke and slowed, Craig Oakes, Autry and Davis were three wide for fourth. A back stretch tangle between several heavy hitters, Steve Whiteaker jr. Jason Hughes and JC Howell brought out the yellow on lap 4.


On the restart Allen and Oakes swapped third with Allen now on J. Days bumper for second. John Whittington was moving forward making his way up to eighth, before going up in smoke. At halfway it was Stroman, J. Day, Allen, Oakes and Autry in the top five. Further back, Bubba Seals, Tristan Dycus and Bo Day were battling for the transfer spot.


RJ Stroman(88x) looks to the inside of Mickey Helms


With five to go, Stroman, J. Day and Allen had pulled away from Autry, Oakes and Nick Clinkenbeard who were scrapping it out for fourth. Neither J. Day or Allen put a challenge on Stroman in the final laps while two-time TMS Dirt Track winner, Dennie Gieber snuck into seventh for the final transfer spot.


I don't know what to say, I'm in disbelief right now, said Stroman. This is my tenth trip here. I've never run like I did tonight. I just want to thank everyone who has stood behind me all these years. I hope I can finish off the weekend with another win on Saturday.


Limited Modifieds(Top 8 locked in for Saturday)

88x RJ Stroman, New Boston, 23m Jimmy Day, Greenville, b4 Chase Allen, Midlothian, 77t Jeff Autry, Tuttle, Ok., 91 Craig Oakes, San Antonio, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, Weatherford, 15 Dennie Geiber, Frankston, 4x Bo Day, Greenville, 078 Rodney White, Ector, 177t Tristan Dycus, Alvarado, 118 Robby Crabtree, Clyde, 19x Bubba Seals, Huffman, 4 Travis Evans, Tyler, 9 Shane Hebert, Lafayette, La., 78 Trevor Egbert, Salado, 117 Tommy Davis jr., Wills Point, 8c Will Carter, Iola, 17 Michael Maraschick, Midland, 5w John Whittington, Vidor, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., Corpus Christi, 5* Jason Hughes, Watts, Ok., 88 Doug Easterling, Haskell, 103 JC Howell, Mabank, 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Ok


Limited Modified B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1; 15w Dennie Geiber, 118 Robby Crabtree, 103 JC Howell, 19 Bubba Seals, 601 Chris Cogburn, 260 Erik Thorne, 4g Garrett Rawls, 69 Derick Grigsby, 662f Greg Frazer, 70 George Egbert III, 88w Kyle Sweeney, 14t Talon Minten, 84 Tom Lorenz, 24r Robby Minten, 8 Jim Hitz, 13j James McCreery, 23n Steven Nabors, 2x Brian Short, 11x Thomas Downey, 37 Chris Balthrop, 15n Matthew Norwood, 121h Tim Henderson, 02 Gary Corbin, 63 Shane Hoefling---dns


B-main 2; 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., 9 Shane Hebert, 078 Rodney White, 4 Travis Evans, 23g Glen Gordy, 1t Jason Tiner, 717 GW Egbert IV, 55 Justin Shaw, 56t Troy Taylor, 3j Kevin Dupont, 123 Rowdy Day, 53 Robert Scrivner, 47 Gary Stuckey, 43 Billy Brierton, 174 Mickey Helms, 12 Dwayne Shoemaker, 6 Chase Vineyard, 99 James Holder, 175 Bo Beckner, 26g JJ Jennings, 3 John Somers, 44 Kale Westover, 19 Clint Dosser, 4f Trevor Foley


Limited Modified C-mains(Top 4 to B-mains)

C-main 1; 662f Greg Frazer, 88w Kyle Sweeney, 69 Derick Grigsby, 84 Tom Lorenz, 00 Tory Yant, 7k Greg Moran, 38 Allen Montgomery, 26f Bailey Dosser, 93 Dustin Shoemaker, 5r Ryan Doyon, 90 Dustin Butcher, 42 Chase Gillie, g2g Kody McDowell, 115 Jack Barfield, 28j Justin Nabors, 66t Johnny Torres, b1 Scotty Nichols, $100 John Herring, 4jr Boone Evans---dns, 7x Nathan Gaines---dns


C-main 2; 123m Rowdy Day, 19 Clint Dosser, 717 GW Egbert, 43 Billy Brierton, d25 David Tanner, 8m Rick Murray, 23 Joel Garcia, 19r Todd Short, 2 Nick Brown, 30 JoJo Paige, 56Broc Bowen, j2 Josh Short, 06 Eddie Martin, 173 Trice Hermes, 30x Billy Jack Brutchin---dns, 563 James Lee---dns, 21b Gene Bryce---dns, 121 Bobby Ruffin---dns, 21 Josh Brock---dns


Limited Modified Heats(Top 16 in passing points transfer)

Heat 1; 91 Craig Oakes, 78 Trevor Egbert, 118 Robby Crabtree, 14t Talon Minten, 4 Travis Evans, 11x Thomas Downey, g2g Kody McDowell, 38 Allen Montgomery, 173 Trice Hermes, 717 GW Egbert, 42 Chase Gillie---dns


Heat 2; 8c Will Carter, b4 Chase Allen, 601 Chris Cogburn, 23g Glen Gordy, 24r Robby Minten, 15n Matthew Norwood, 53 Robert Scrivner, 06 Eddie Martin, 28j Justin Nabors, 84 Tom Lorenz, j2 Josh Short


Heat 3; 77t Jeff Autry, 5t Randy Timms, 9 Shane Hebert, 56t Troy Taylor, 44 Kale Westover, 12 Dwayne Shoemaker, 123m Rowdy Day, 5r Ryan Doyon, 66t Johnny Torres, 25d David Tanner, 56 Broc Bowen


Heat 4; 5* Jason Hughes, 4g Garrett Rawls, 078 Rodney White, 121 Bobby Ruffin, 8 Jim Hitz, 88w Kyle Sweeney, 13j James McCreery, 8m Rick Murray, 662f Greg Frazer, b1 Scotty Nichols


Heat 5; 23m Jimmy Day, 117 Tommy Davis jr, 63 Shane Hoefling, 260 Erik Thorne, 99 James Holder, 174 Mickey Helms, 19r Todd Short, $100 John Herring, 30 JoJo Paige, 2 Nick Brown


Heat 6; 5w John Whittington, 4x Bo Day. 89 Steve Whiteaker, 19x Randy Seals, 37 Chris Balthrop, 02 Gary Corbin, 69 Derick Grigsby, 21 Josh Brock, 115 Jack Barfield, 90k Dustin Butcher


Heat 7; 88 Doug Easterling, 177t Tristan Dycus, 55 Justin Shaw, 3 John Somers, 4f Trevor Foley, 6 Chase Vineyard, 30x Billy Jack Brutchin, 4jr Boone Evans, 7x Nathan Gaines, 21b Gene Bryce---dns


Heat 8; 17 Michael Maraschick, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 175 Bo Beckner, 70 George Egbert III, 26g JJ Jennings,,3j Kevin Dupont, 47 Gary Stuckey, 19 Clint Dosser, 563 James Lee, 26f Bailey Dosser


Heat 9; 88x RJ Stroman, 15w Dennie Geiber, 23n Steven Nabors, 1t Jason Tiner, 103 JC Howell, 2x Brian Short, 00 Tory Yant, 43 Billy Brierton, 7k Greg Moran, 23 Joel Garcia, 93 Dustin Shoemaker

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