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James Huff fails to knock down Grandsport wall - but gave it a shot


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James and I love to run the road courses and this past Saturday he took the #32 road course Legacy to Grandsport for a test session to check things out after making a few upgrades to the car. Sure enough, the upgrades were producing the fastest laps we've ever turned there but things came to a sudden stop after the first two test sessions that day.


James was passing a roadster down the front straight and was almost completely by when the driver of the roadster turned into him. The right rear tire of the Legacy and the left front tire of the roadster made contact and the Legacy went up and over the top of the roadster's tire, got airborne and slammed into the front straight wall.


"The car is tore up pretty bad and I'm banged up and sore, but all right," James said not long after the wreck. "Think it's going to need a front and back clip maybe a rear end and a few minor touch ups before the next race. We'll take the car straight over to Randy Anderson's shop and in a few days I make it over there to see how much we can salvage. Other than that, I had a blast today and the out come could of been worse. I bet God liked that ride "


The next morning James got on his Facebook page and had this to say:


"Well I'm alive and kicking this morning, just not kicking as high. Got a good nights sleep and don't have near as many aches as I thought I would have. For all you racers out there remember this: you are just as likely to have an incident in "play day" or practice as when you are racing. Never go on the track without full safety gear. I think that without the Hans and good tight belts this story would have a much different ending. Happy Mothers Day everyone!"






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Grandsport is a 2.0 mile road course located a few miles South of Houston in Hitchcock, Texas. I believe they were using the 1.3-mile course and James was turning 50-something second laps... so average speed is pretty quick.


Once I download the GPS data we should have a pretty good idea of the speed he was traveling at impact. A good guess would be around 70-80 mph since it was half way down the long front straight.





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when is that place getting added to the schedule? ;)


We're working on it, Cory. Won't be a points race though.. Just for giggles. These Legacys are tailor-made for road courses.



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