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New Advertising Campaign Coming Soon

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South Texas Speedway is starting a campaign to bring more awareness to our track. Over the next few weeks we will be ramping up our Advertising. I have waited to spend this money until it dried up some. I think we are getting close enough now. Here are a few Items we are working on:


1. Updating our South Texas Speedway Facebook page

2. KIIITV will start airing commercials next week.

3. New banners coming soon

4. Radio advertising

5. We have many free tickets to hand out.


This is what I can do. I ask each of you, talk up the Speedway and how fun it is. Nothing beats the word of mouth,


Thank you all for your support!


Ken Hobbs


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Those that know me know I have the mouth! This advertising is needed.STS puts on a good product,has for years. Get the people in and the racers will sell it.Aggressive marketing is key,glad to see it getting revved up!

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