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San Antonio Raceway (drag strip) looking for help to re-open in June

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Hello, my name is John Villanueva, I was the announcer on Wednesdays and brought you Street Wars and Battle of the Brands. I also participated as the Marketing director who brought in Amsoil, Alamo Oil, Black Jack Speed Shop, Ancira and many others as marketing sponsors. We are going to open the track in June. We will have a clean up day to be posted. At this time the track is leased to the owner of Cycle Ranch and myself and George Jones former track manager, will be running day to day operations. We have fought hard and long to get to this point. We began a go fund account to help out with the material that was lost during the closure. We like you want nothing more but to go racing once again. We need our racers and community support so we can have a better place to race. I like to say thank you to all those that have supported our effort to get back the track.


We are going drag racing again at SAR!

Help with the opening of San Antonio Raceway. There has been a lot of rumors floating around about the future of San Antonio Raceway, so here is the low down. After several months of trying to find someone to save the track Iain Grae has negotiated with the properties current owners to get the track reopened. However he can not do it alone. He needs your help!


Much of the equipment has been taken from the property and it is in disarray. If the community will help fund getting the property back up to speed Iain, with the help of George Jones & myself will be able to reopen the track.

Three strips in Texas closed in 2014 alone, this is the last chance to bring San Antonio Raceway back as it will lose it's special use permit very soon. We can not do it without your help.

We want to give each of you something for your donation as well, so check out the rewards below and thanks again for all your support.

We are looking at early June to go racing again at SAR. We will have a schedule of events next week. Follow the link below to fund SAR.

Follow us on FB at San Antonio Raceway Photos and winners.

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I've know about this for a month or so and asked to keep it under my hat(so to speak)and done some research and believe this a legitimate attempt to get the track going again. I personally know George and John from the track, though I've never met the Cycle Ranch owner, Iain Grae.


I've read some people aren't into the gofundme deal since it takes a percentage of donations off the top...Then I would recommend getting with the Cycle Ranch to do it directly. Other have brought up tax liens, etc, which I would think would be part of the agreement to reopen it. I don't believe a businessman that already owns a racing facility would jump in blindly. If you're just interested in helping with clean up, renovation or have some equipment to donate I will post that when it is announced.


I know a lot of people, including myself, that would like to see racing survive in the San Antonio area whether a circle track or straighline racing fan.

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This was sent to me by my friend Tommy Sandefur who now is retired and lives in Melbourne (I think) Florida in response to me sending him this link.


I asked him if he ever raced here back in the day and he replied with these two pictures and said this was his last race he ever ran. I knew he was a drag racer but this was a good response that I wasn't quite expecting and thought the viewers on this site would find interesting!





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John Villanueva


We like to say thank you to everyone that has donated their time to support this great project. After evaluating the track this week and you the public asking what the track needs we compiled a small list

Picnic Furniture

Fold out directors chairs or stools

Office chairs.

Picnic tables

Toilet seats

Red and yellow paint


golf carts.

Faucets for bathrooms

Sofas for press box and Pop up tents. If you have any of these please let us know.

If you would like to advertise please call

210 8594918.

If you would like to donate funds please go to


We are almost at our goal.

The release of our schedule is coming this week. Once again thank you for all the support first clean up day was a success. We will post the next one.

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San Antonio Raceway


Ok everyone it's Iain here posting. I wish I could get back to you all more quickly. Over 70 facebook messages, 50 emails and about 20 calls today. I will be sure to get back to you all as quickly as possible but I have lots of work to do to get the track ready. We have a huge event at Cycle Ranch - Floresville, Texas - Ancira CJDR RevvedUp4ALS Annual Car, Truck & Cycle Show with Cody Canada and the Departed headlining and we will be talking about that on KSAT 12 & KSAT.com tomorrow at 1 p.m. I will do my best to sneak in some info on the raceway. On Wednesday I will be interviewing at KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio for Kings of the Dirt our Memorial day race extravaganza with Granger Smith headlining. That show will air over the weekend. Once I get these behind me it will be full steam ahead on San Antonio Raceway. I promise you all I will do my best to bring exciting events like these to your favorite drag strip. I am so pumped to get this all going and I am working with my team to put a schedule together. I just wanted to let you know if I don't get back to you don't take it personal. I will definitely be giving some more information out this weekends event. I look forward to meeting you all! Until then enjoy this photo of my very first time at SAR!

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